Episode 48: Bully-Proofing the Grown-ups with Stella O’Malley

After Nina goes on about copyright abolition again, our delightful guest discusses her new book, Bully-Proof Kids (© Stella O’Malley 2022). All the adults in this conversation have been – and are currently being – bullied by other adults; will techniques for kids and families work for us too? The power to make or break bullies is in the hands of bystanders, whom O’Malley urges to become upstanders. Nina and Corinna are cynical as ever, and at one point sound like mental patients arguing with their therapist. Did we mention O’Malley is a therapist? She’s got her work cut out for her, in this episode and beyond!

Episode 47: Tokens of the Apocalypse

Corinna surprises Nina with a spontaneous “Fresh Air”-style interview about Apocalypse Animated, her just-completed animated eBook project. They discuss hairy Semites, the Whore of Babylon, vaginal symbolism of the New Jerusalem, depicting fire, tesseracts, a cute Lamb, galloping horses, and Corinna’s new career as an activist. Corinna has now testified twice in favor of Indiana House Bill 1041, which seeks to prohibit boys from girls’ school athletics teams. Does Corinna’s voice carry more authority as a transsexual? Unfortunately yes, because even though we all know tokenism is unfair and wrong, it is the coin of the identity politics realm.

Indiana House Bill 1041: http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2022/bills/house/1041

Corinna’s first testimony: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CZDobmmiNlg

Apocalypse Animated: https://apocalypseanimated.com/

Muybridge horse quilt: https://blog.ninapaley.com/2015/04/29/horse-quiltimation/

Theo’s Entrepreneurial Research & Fabrication Space: https://www.palegraylabs.com/

NO TERFS: https://spinster.xyz/@ninapaley/posts/AGR6XS3UEkgHtJ2VbE

Episode 46: True Faith with Aaron Rabinowitz

Aaron Rabinowitz identifies as an atheist, skeptic, and philosopher. He’s also a faithful trans ally, and considers the adjective “religious” an insult. Acutely aware of his cisheteronormative privilege, he willingly sacrifices himself on the altar of Heterodorx because “my humanity is not being questioned in this particular debate.” The resultant conversation is even more fascinating than it is long (1:46, our longest yet!). Listen closely and you just might have a religious experience.

Embrace the Void podcast: https://voidpod.com/podcasts

Philosophers in Space podcast: https://0gphilosophy.libsyn.com/

Aaron Rabinowitz at The Skeptic: https://www.skeptic.org.uk/author/aaronrabinowitz/

I Enjoy Being a Girl: https://youtu.be/iEW_nXwWvd4

Episode 45: Cancel Klatch with Razib Khan

Razib Khan is a Bangladeshi-American writer in population genetics and consumer genomics (wikipedia). He identifies as a Coconut, and is a repeat member of Club Cancel, getting denounced by friends and associates approximately every 6 months. He and the Dorx start the episode by erasing as many ethnicities, religions, and genders as they can. Then Khan recounts the sorry tale of Scientific American (a science fiction magazine) and late great biologist E.O. Wilson. Our smart and funny guest is all bravado and self-confidence until Nina asks him to define “woman,” the question that brings even the toughest intellectuals to their knees.


Setting the record straight: open letter on E.O. Wilson’s legacy: https://razib.substack.com/p/setting-the-record-straight-open

Episode 44: Upperhand Mars and Team TERF’s Moving Goalposts

Trans YouTuber, media manager of Gender Dysphoria Alliance, and eminent voice of reason Mars F has long been a target of more extreme trans rights activists; now Mars is also receiving abuse from “the other side.” “Transmen are our sisters” is an old TERF saying, but some aren’t acting very sisterly today. Mars also shares some cringey transition delusions from more naive times; a personal account of testosterone’s health consequences; and the secret of looking young (“don’t stay up late and don’t do crack”). Relax and enjoy the soothing sound of reasonable people talking reasonably.

Mars’s Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK792gI7-zEik0tB1Ok0l6Q

Mars on Twitter: https://twitter.com/UpperhandMars

Gender Dysphoria Alliance: https://www.genderdysphoriaalliance.com/

Episode 43: Carole Hooven

The Dorx enjoy a lively and information-packed conversation with Dr. Carole Hooven, author of T: The Story of Testosterone, the Hormone that Dominates and Divides Us. Curious and compassionate, she expresses grief that Corinna never got a chance to fuck his brains out with other boys. Nina is full of questions: can females have Complete Androgen Insensitivity? What happens to ovaries in menopause? How do you define woman? Hooven wants to know what made Nina “peak trans,” so Nina briefly recounts her TERFening in 2017-2018. Corinna, who needs to eat more carbs and put on some body fat because endogenous sex steroid production relies on cholesterol, shares some thoughts on non-binary identities, after which the conversation culminates in how awesome Heterodorx is. This episode is guaranteed to make you smarter!

Carole Hooven’s web site: http://www.carolehooven.com/ 

Carole Hooven on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/hoovlet/ 

Carole Hooven’s Testosterone Book: T: The Story of Testosterone, the Hormone that Dominates and Divides Us.


Episode 42: GAMPs, Pr0n, trans, and the Conservation of Evil

After Nina expresses admiration for the insult “Haterodorx”, Corinna – “one of the good ones” – expresses concern about the inevitable backlash coming for trans people. We learn about GAMPs: GynoAndroMorphPhiles, and the “chicks with dicks” they fetishize. Corinna makes Nina watch some horrible TikTok videos so they can discuss young people sexualizing themselves for visual consumption. Then the Dorx examine porn’s influence on the “trans community” and young people in general, staying remarkably lighthearted in spite of the dismal subject matter. This episode 100% passes!

Song: “Penis Envy” by Uncle Bonsai: https://youtu.be/ByE5Bc70w44

Heterodorx (aka Corinna) on Twitter: https://twitter.com/heterodorx

Episode 41: The Heterodorx 2021 Year in Review

The Dorx take a trip down memory lane, scanning the show notes of every single episode straight from the web site, and wondering in awe at this podcast’s dazzling journey from three to twelve sixteen listeners in under a year. Thanks for listening to and supporting us, TERFs and Trannies, and have a great 2022!

Episode 40: Alice Dreger’s Middle Finger*

The Dorx welcome Alice Dreger, author of the excellent Galileo’s Middle Finger. Dreger discusses Intersex as a political identity, what makes her feel like a woman, the trials of puberty, lactose intolerance, the importance of talking to kids about sexual pleasure, and East Lansing Info, a model local journalism organization she founded. Then she talks about “discriminatory and hateful” segregation in sports. Hold onto your hats!

*Some people are born with more than 10 fingers; others with fewer. Whether due to genetic anomolies or amputation, some have no fingers at all. So who are we to say what a “middle finger” even is?

Galileo’s Middle Finger https://alicedreger.com/GMF

East Lansing Info https://eastlansinginfo.news/

Alice in Genderland https://aliceingenderland.com/

What’s Happening to Me https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/141764._What_s_Happening_to_Me_A_Guide_to_Puberty

How Babies Are Made https://www.amazon.com/How-Babies-Made-Steven-Schepp/dp/1626541043

Nina’s Sex-Positive Memoirs https://4w.pub/sex-pos-memoirs/

Heterodorx interview with Grace Lavery (who also declines to define ‘woman’): https://www.heterodorx.com/podcast/episode-26-trano-a-trano-with-grace-lavery/

Episode 39: Elizabeth Hungerford

The Dorx speak with attorney and feminist Elizabeth Hungerford, co-author of a seminal 2011 letter to the UN about gender identity’s impacts on sex-based rights. Should feminists ally with conservatives? Should genderism be classified as a religion? Do we criticize gender, or abolish it? Is sex-blindness a spectrum? Who wears a potato sack better, Corinna or Nina? Is it easier to fool men than women, about sex? Can taboos be beneficial? Hungerford bravely withstands being mint-chocolate-chip-shamed by Nina, in this gentle, respectful, and deep exchange of ideas and “yucking someone else’s yum.”

The Radical Notion: https://theradicalnotion.org/
Detransition: Beyond Before and After by Max Robinson: https://www.spinifexpress.com.au/shop/p/9781925950403
Feminist Ethics by Sarah Hoagland: https://www.sarahhoagland.com/sarahhoaglandles.html