Episode 119: Esprit de Corpse

Corinna and Nina poke at the dead body of the Gender Critical Movement. Cause of death? Illiberalism, revulsion, femagoguery, the narcissism of small differences, group polarization, junior high social dynamics, Calvinism, puritanism, gaslighting, victimhood as currency, and so much more. Plus, Nina gets diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Where will the Dorx go from here? Wherever it is, we’ll walk you there, for your own safety.


Revulsion Revolution: The Protective Power of Disgust by Amy Sousa: https://www.theknownheretic.com/p/revulsion-revolution-the-protective

The Art Coop (rhymes with “poop”): https://www.news-gazette.com/opinion/columns/jim-dey-terf-battle-in-urbana-averted/article_cdf7ecd4-2e0d-5759-84b7-fbbe653de2a5.html 

Corinna pisses off everyone on Twitter: https://twitter.com/heterodorx/status/1732028270831440264

ICONS: https://www.iconswomen.com/

Sex Matters: https://sex-matters.org/

National Women’s Law Center president Fatima Goss Graves hopes women learn to lose gracefully: https://twitter.com/greg_price11/status/1732142697425572018

The Identity Trap by Yascha Mounk: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/712961/the-identity-trap-by-yascha-mounk/

Stella O’Malley and Kellie-Jay Keen on Benjamin Boyce: https://youtu.be/OqG2gYvXm9A?si=oCis3LDOgWepe-JN

JK Rowling says “dress however you please”: https://twitter.com/jk_rowling/status/1207646162813100033

Episode 118: Librarians Losing Their Spine, with Penny Hummel

Librarians once stood for intellectual freedom and access to information, but today many prefer to suppress speech for the sake of a misguided concept of “social justice”. One Davis, California library recently violated the First Amendment when they ejected a group of women discussing male athletes in female sports. Collections and programs are regularly distorted and compromised by ideologue librarians, while those watching in dismay fear to speak. Library consultant and advocate Penny Hummel breaks the silence to tell the Dorx what’s really happening in America’s libraries.


Penny Hummel on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BeeWeave

FIRE article on Davis library violating First Amendment: https://www.thefire.org/news/california-library-violates-first-amendment-boots-speakers-referring-transgender-women

FIRE’s letter to Yolo County Library: https://www.thefire.org/research-learn/fire-letter-yolo-county-library-august-24-2023

ALA Webinar, “Transgender People In Libraries”: https://elearning.ala.org/local/catalog/view/product.php?productid=1005

Does Sex Matter? panel at the Urbana Free Library, 2019: https://blog.ninapaley.com/2019/03/26/q-and-a-from-the-does-sex-matter-panel/

I Am Jazz: https://socialjusticebooks.org/i-am-jazz/

My Body Is Me by Rachel Rooney: https://www.transgendertrend.com/product/my-body-is-me/

Irreversible Damage by Abigail Shrier: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/irreversible-damage-abigail-shrier/1133754701

Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe: https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/Gender-Queer-A-Memoir/Maia-Kobabe/9781549304002

“NO TERFS”: https://www.news-gazette.com/opinion/columns/jim-dey-terf-battle-in-urbana-averted/article_cdf7ecd4-2e0d-5759-84b7-fbbe653de2a5.html

Episode 117: Ladies’ Autogynephilia Chat with Shannon Thrace

Shannon Thrace is a transwidow and author of the must-read novel Eighteen Months: A Memoir of a Marriage Lost to Gender Identity. She joins handmaiden pick-me tranny-lover Nina for a women’s-only talk about AUTOGYNEPHILIA, the cause célèbre currently ripping apart the TERFosphere. Is this about safeguarding and holding women’s boundaries, or is it tribal signaling? Why is it OK for David Bowie to crossdress, but not Phil Illy? Should there be different crossdressing rules for men and women? Who gets to make those rules? Where do we draw our lines? Did Nina wade into a morass or a cesspool? These are questions without definitive answers, except one: Where is Corinna? Answer: at work today, so Nina recorded and edited this episode alone.


Shannon Thrace’s essay, Genspect and AGPgate: https://shannonthrace.substack.com/p/genspect-and-agpgate

Nina’s Art Coop “NO TERFS” sign complaint: https://www.news-gazette.com/opinion/columns/jim-dey-terf-battle-in-urbana-averted/article_cdf7ecd4-2e0d-5759-84b7-fbbe653de2a5.html

Genspect Denver conference: https://genspect.org/the-bigger-picture-continues-denver-colorado/

Phil Illy: https://substack.com/profile/109324793-phil-illy

This Jungian Life: Aaron Balick – Why Does Social Media Weaponize Our Reactions? https://thisjungianlife.com/aaron_balick/

Laura Becker/Funk God: https://www.funkgod.com/

Episode 116: “Ask a Zionist” with Rabbi Jonathan Greenberg

After last weeks “Ask an Anti-Zionist,” the Dorx return to Ask a Zionist, Rabbi Jonathan Greenberg. What is a Zionist? Answer: “A person who believes that the Jews have a right to self-determination and self-protection in the ancient land of Israel,” which he says is the historical, original, biblical, literal Jewish homeland. Greenberg does not suffer discomfort with power and moral complexity. He reminds us every conceivable solution to “one of the most intractable conflicts on earth” has already been argued, and there is nothing new under the sun. “In every generation, they rise against us to destroy us.” Greenberg says Jews should arm up; culture matters; the rules of war are outdated; nobody actually cares about the Palestinians; media coverage is biased; history tells you what, philosophy tells you why; and Israel is not a colonial project, it’s a coming home. Nina asks: How will this end? Answer: ???


Jonathan Greenberg on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JGreenbergSez

Jewish Voice for Peace: https://www.jewishvoiceforpeace.org/

If Not Now: https://www.ifnotnowmovement.org/

Not In Our Name: https://notinourname.net/

Anti-Defamation League: https://www.adl.org/

Peter Beinart: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Beinart

Ze’ev Jabotinsky: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ze%27ev_Jabotinsky

Jewish students barricaded in Cooper Union library: https://nypost.com/2023/10/25/news/cooper-union-barricades-jewish-students-inside-library/

Pro-Palestinian projections on George Washington University library: https://wjla.com/news/local/accusations-of-anti-semitism-on-george-washington-university-campus-after-projection-of-pro-palestinian-messages-student-group-students-for-justice-in-palestine-jewish-israel-hamas-war-dmv-washington-dc-community

The Zionist Idea by Arthur Hertzberg: https://jps.org/books/zionist-idea/

A History of Israel by Howard Sachar: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/159513/a-history-of-israel-by-howard-m-sachar/


Episode 115: “Ask an Anti-Zionist” with Andy the Anti-Zionist

The Dorx discuss recent events with Nina’s ex-boyfriend, Andy the Anti-Zionist. A first-generation American son of a Palestinian Catholic father, Andy was mistreated on a visit to Israel at age 12 and has avowedly opposed the state ever since. We discuss the importance of history, the rise of anti-semitism, media biases, blame, “terrorists,” who is “the little guy,” what is a woman I mean Zionist, ethnic cleansing, whether Israel’s “intelligence failure” was calculated, “both sides,” utopianism, Queers for Palestine, and our dubious future. Despite our differences, this anti-Zionist, non-Zionist, and Zionist all agree: we’re fucked. Next year in Jerusalem!


Medinat Weimar (for a Jewish state in Germany): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVGeR4r5hbk&ab_channel=amhaaretz

Samantha Woll, Detroit rabbi stabbed: https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/detroit/2023/10/21/samantha-woll-dead-isaac-agree-downtown-detroit-synagogue-president/71271616007/

Illinois lawyer’s antisemitic rant: https://twitter.com/StopAntisemites/status/1715216523915071978

Anna Baltzer: http://www.annainthemiddleeast.com/

Illinois Muslim boy stabbed: https://apnews.com/article/muslim-boy-killed-chicago-landlord-will-county-5135dea218326d6e639a996564d9369e

AIPAC: https://www.aipac.org/

Seder-Masochism (Nina’s animated feature film about Jewish identity): https://sedermasochism.com/download/

Episode 114: The Wrong Sort of Everything with Bev Jackson

Longtime activist and author Bev Jackson is a founding member of the UK Gay Liberation Front and, more recently, co-founder of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Alliance (LGBA), one the the only organizations standing for homosexual (as opposed to “queer”) rights and the only UK charity supporting truly lesbian events. We discuss the corruption of Wikipedia, the astronomical increase of transing girls, the “born that way” narrative, zealous American politicians, outsourcing opinions, patience for the poorly-informed, boundaries vs inclusivity, pedophilia, Bad Law, medical scandals, and Tunnock’s Teacakes. Plus, Corrrrrri changes his name, and Nina writes a scathing Letter to the Editor. Who’s the queerest of them all? Listen and find out!


Bev on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BevJacksonAuth

Bev’s email: bev.jackson@lgballiance.org.uk

LGBA website: https://lgballiance.org.uk

Tribunal Transcript (Mermaids vs Charity Commission & LGBA): https://lgballiance.org.uk/tribunal-transcript/

LGBA conference: https://lgballiance.org.uk/tribunal-transcript/

John Boyne apologizes to Graham Linehan: https://twitter.com/JohnBoyneBooks/status/1698830513077694477

Episode 113: The Darkest Humor

Nina and Corinna — who between them comprise one-and-a-half Jews — discuss recent events in the Middle East, after a brief detour about IP Law and its discontents. We confuse Robert Redford with Paul Newman, compare synagogues and mosques with Starbuck’s and Dunkin’ Donuts, and learn the difference between philo-semites and hebephiles. Then we get dark. Do people hate Jews more than we thought?  Does Israel commit atrocities, or military actions? Are young people nihilists? Forgive us, for despite the smoothest segues in podcasting, we know not what we do.


This Land Is Mine (short animation): https://youtu.be/8tIdCsMufIY?si=ttwMH8SPCxpM0OI2

The Exodus Song: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theme_of_Exodus

Exodus (movie): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exodus_(1960_film)

Seder-Masochism (movie): https://sedermasochism.com/download/

Nina’s Twitter thread about Jews vs Zionists: https://twitter.com/ninapaley/status/1711371708190330934

Episode 112: The Art of Dissident Feminists with J Berns

A Nasty Piece of Work: The Art of Dissident Feminists is the world’s first and only “TERF” Art show, featuring 14 female artists, all of whom have been canceled due to gender ideology. Its curator and organizer is J. Berns, an activist, mother, art lover, and upstanding badass. She talks about how her gallery was vandalized the day after the show’s successful opening; the difficulties of living in the Bay Area if you hold gender critical views; TERF money; ways women are not allowed their own language; how terrorists increasingly dictate speech; and hot pink blood. Wait until the end for her descriptions of the amazing works in the show, which runs until October 15 in San Francisco, and then could come to a city near you if you help make it happen!

Episode 111: Taking The Weird Path with Saya Hillman

Back when this podcast had only 4 listeners, Debbie Hillman of foodfarmsdemocracy.net was one of them. Debbie passed away in March, after which Corinna discovered a 2014 tribute video by her daughter. An interesting character in her own right, Saya Hillman joins the Dorx to talk about her mom, our moms, moms in general, dads, families, estrangement, growing up weird, adulting, fun, entrepreneurship, cleaning, pocket knives, making friends as an adult, silver linings, excess backups, old age, death, and living a fearless life. Learn about a fascinating daughter, a fascinating mother, and, most importantly, that dishwashers have filters that need to be cleaned.


Saya Hillman reads “If Only My Name Was Alexis”: https://youtu.be/oxijkP9tpAU?si=zHOFkad9yeVABcxS

Mac and Cheese Productions: https://macncheeseproductions.com/

Debbie Hillman’s memorial page: https://macncheeseproductions.com/debbie-hillman/

Debbie Hillman’s twitter account: https://twitter.com/DLHillman

Seder-Masochism (featuring Nina’s Dad): https://sedermasochism.com/download/

Does Sex Matter? Gender Identity vs Material Reality, our 2019 panel talk Debbie attended (we think): https://youtu.be/RguD61siLB8?si=4LpIn_zENirTxb49

Episode 110: Listener Questions!

Corinna and Nina answer your important questions, such as: what is a feminist? Should we be cheerful instead of angry? Who cuts our hair? Boxers or briefs? Is “cis” a slur? We also discuss the TERF-Tranny spectrum; our origins in a state fair livestock exhibit; the social benefits of taboos; Republicans’ ability to eff up a sure thing; how social contagions are a force of nature; The Law of Conservation of Evil; iatrogenic infantilization; masculinized women; how 2nd-Wave Feminism is like broccoli; and Corinna’s plans to start microdosing testosterone. It’s truly a broad-ranging conversation, as we cover more territory than a costumed llama!


Anger is like Rocket Fuel: https://mimiandeunice.com/2010/07/29/rocket-fuel/

Maybe One by Bill McKibben: https://billmckibben.com/maybe-one.html

Twitter poll: Makeup or Hijab?: https://twitter.com/ninapaley/status/1691882332871885285

Beauty and Misogyny by Sheila Jeffreys: https://www.feministes-radicales.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Jeffreys_Beauty_and_Misogyny_Harmful_Cultural_Practices_in_the_West__Women_and_Psychology_1.pdf