Episode 130: Structure and Coherence with J.D. Haltigan

Independent Scientist and emerging public intellectual J.D. Haltigan left academia for a life of forced leisure and blue-collar employment, but he’d rather pursue his passion for psychological research at an institution. He joins the Dorx to discuss Covid masking, psychopathology, bike helmets, denial of death, the neurotic anxious failure to develop identity, attachment theory, gender and co-morbid mental illness, the perversion of the caregiving instinct, limit-setting, ideological capture, Social-Emotional Learning as a proxy for parenting, mama bears, religion, pseudoreligion, the narcissism of “rescuers”, and the upcoming detransition contagion. Did we miss anything? Hopefully this episode will provide listeners with enough structure to construct a coherent narrative of life; if not, well, go outside and touch grass.


J.D. on twitter: https://twitter.com/JDHaltigan

J.D.’s substack: https://www.jdhaltigan.com/

J.D. Haltigan on The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker: https://www.jdhaltigan.com/p/reflections-on-beckers-the-denial?utm_source=twitter&sd=pf

Lionel Shriver writes about Corrie Cohn: https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/children-need-protection-from-adult-madness/

Abigail Shrier’s Bad Therapy: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/716567/bad-therapy-by-abigail-shrier/

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One thought on “Episode 130: Structure and Coherence with J.D. Haltigan

  1. Well, this was a first. I stopped listening. Your guests attitudes about “soft/feminine/artistic men” was just so weirdly arrogant and ignorant; I really found I could not take anything else he might say seriously.
    Honestly, this is some of the super crappy backlash that is going to continue to come out of this unhinged trans activism, and that is really sad…

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