Episode 123: Alpacne! with Jennifer Lahl

Filmmaker and former pediatric nurse Jennifer Lahl’s latest short documentary, The Lost Boys: Searching for Manhood, focuses on male detransitioners. We discuss film distribution, the festival circuit, crowdfunding, straight-to-online, subtitles (“How do you say ‘chopped off his penis’ in Spanish?”), the obsolescence of DVDs, Jennifer’s ex-boyfriend from her nursing school days, “trans healthcare”, the Crying Chicken Lady who says children should be driving, and Corinna’s search for teen alpacahood. Lahl alleges this is her last film (we don’t believe her) so watch it online for free right now.


The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network: https://cbc-network.org/

The Lost Boys: Searching for Manhood https://youtu.be/AaiicS2HXW4?si=3CKcnEQIovXsHlQm

The Detransition Diaries: Saving Our Sisters https://youtu.be/910JVOJSM2I?si=KE4_kz_a1iWc9EY3

Trans Mission: What’s the Rush to Reassign Gender? https://youtu.be/rUeqEoARKOA?si=zdPYT_4V-T-JF3e4

Jennifer Lahl on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JenniferLahl

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One thought on “Episode 123: Alpacne! with Jennifer Lahl

  1. As a British person I find it fascinating the number of times Corinna’s sarcastic remarks are taken at face value by guests when I can clearly spot ever beat. The example on this episode where she says about having to have a degree in Culinary Studies to be considered a good cook was so obvious, it was wince inducing to see it fall flat. It’s so interesting how these speech conventions are cultural. Corrina, move to the UK or Ireland and be with your kindred snarkers, where everything is understatement and sly winks are always assumed, you are missing out. X

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