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A Newbie’s Guide to the GENDER WARS

SPADES: TransActivist (more or less):

Drag Queen Story Time
Men performing clownish caricatures of women, or liberatory role-models of gender diversity? Targeted at children in libraries and schools, the mounting evidence associating these events to sexual predation is undeniable – except to Liberals using kids to signal opposition to conservative backlash.

Natalie Wynn
Known as ContraPoints on YouTube, Wynn is a devoted cultivator of his own image. He dislikes gender critical feminism.

Alok Vaid-Menon likes attention. Magdalen Berns summed him up best in 2016.

Jeffrey Marsh wants to be your Internet Mom because your real parents don’t accept you. He likes tampons and hates child safeguarding.

Jazz Jennings wanted to wear princess dresses as a little boy, so his parents declared him a “trans kid” and put him on TV. Instead of growing into a gay man, Jazz was put on puberty blockers and castrated at age 17, after which he suffered multiple complications and began binge eating.

Lia Thomas, a mediocre male college swimmer, suddenly set “women’s” records after asserting a “female” gender identity. Broad-shouldered and undeniably masculine, Thomas exemplifies the absurdity and unfairness of men in women’s sports.

Scottish C-actor David Paisley claims existential endangerment from Suffragette ribbons, feminist tweets, and Graham Linehan, defending himself with frivolous police reports and prolonged legal harassment.

India Willoughby was a relatively unknown reporter for ITV Border until 2010 before announcing, in 2015, that he, then aged 50, identified as a woman, which transformed his career, briefly earning him a presenting slot on ITV’s Loose Women. He went on to become a Channel 5 news presenter in 2017 and then appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2018. He claims he has a cervix.

Andrea Long Chu is a trans-identified male sissy-porn enthusiast who wrote a book about femaleness, defining it as “an open mouth, an expectant asshole, blank, blank eyes”.

Marci Bowers is a trans-identified male MD who performs “genital confirmation” surgeries. He castrated Jazz Jennings, whom he compared to a porn star, and admitted that puberty blockers may cause life-long inorgasmia. He is currently president of the World Professional Association for Trans Health.

Sam Brinton had a fancy position in the Biden administration‘s Office of Nuclear Energy until he was exposed stealing women’s luggage from airports. When Tanzanian fashion designer Asya Khamsin saw the non-binary kleptomaniac modeling her clothes, the story made international news.

Dylan Mulvaney rocketed to fame impersonating an anorexic 1950’s airhead via his “Days of Girlhood” online videos. He soon earned over a million dollars endorsing products from corporations looking to score CEI points, until consumer rebellion significantly lowered Bud Light sales.

Judith Butler, Berkeley professor and non-binary mother parent of Postmodern Theory, is the prizewinning author of such insights as, “The move from a structuralist account in which capital is understood to structure social relations in relatively homologous ways to a view of hegemony in which power relations are subject to repetition, convergence, and rearticulation brought the question of temporality into the thinking of structure, and marked a shift from a form of Althusserian theory that takes structural totalities as theoretical objects to one in which the insights into the contingent possibility of structure inaugurate a renewed conception of hegemony as bound up with the contingent sites and strategies of the rearticulation of power.”

HEARTS: Gender-Critical (more or less). Order GENDER WARS playing cards!

Purity Spiral
Did you talk to someone who was seen with someone who knows someone who’s aligned with someone who said, thought, or read something…wrong? Denounce or die.

Jesse Singal is an American journalist who occasionally writes about transgender issues. His rigorous analyses of sources expose scientific illiteracy in mainstream journalism. He co-hosts the Blocked and Reported podcast with Katie Herzog, who is smarter, funnier, and cuter, yet I didn’t include her in this deck for some reason.

Graham Linehan was best-known for creating the beloved UK television comedies Father Ted and the IT Crowd, until his 2018 tweets about gender ideology spurred zealous former fans to cancel him as only zealous former fans can. He writes the gender-ideology-focused Glinner Update and recently returned to Twitter after a 4-year ban.

Chloe Cole began transitioning at 12 and detransitioned at 17 after having undergone treatment which included puberty blockerstestosterone, and a double mastectomy. She is now outspoken against pediatric transition, and suing Kaiser Permanente, the institution that performed her “gender affirming care.”

Scott Newgent, fka Kellie King, had a starring role in Matt Walsh’s documentary What Is A Woman and has talked about the medical complications resulting from transition surgery and the lack of legal recourse for those it fails. Newgent is particularly opposed to pediatric transition: “the medical community is pushing gender non conforming children into having medical procedures. Many of these kids would just turn out to be gay. Instead, they are life long medical patients.”

Derrick Jensen is an American author, philosopher, environmentalist and guest on Heterodorx. The members of his movement Deep Green Resistance take the position that people born male should not be in women-only spaces, which has sparked aggressioncontroversy and protests. He is also the sometime host of Queer Theory Jeopardy.

Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie stirred controversy with the statement “trans women are trans women”. She sees J.K. Rowling’s views as “perfectly reasonable” and said she has been “treated abominably … because she’s a woman”. Her Reith Lecture for Radio 4 is, like her books, unmissable.

Lesbian Radical Feminist Sheila Jeffreys, former Professor at the University of Melbourne, has argued that trans women are “constructing a conservative fantasy of what women should be. They are inventing an essence of womanhood which is deeply insulting and restrictive.” She is the author of Gender Hurts: A Feminist Analysis of the Politics of Transgenderism, among many other books, and a co-founder of Women’s Declaration International.

Kathleen Stock, professor of philosophy, left the University of Sussex after harassment by trans activists was encouraged by colleagues. Following the success of her bestselling book Material Girls: Why Reality Matters for Feminism, she was awarded the OBE for services to higher education, and is the co-founder of The Lesbian Project.

Julie Bindel‘s campaigns for abusedvulnerable and exploited women earned her the hatred of males of all genders. Now into her second decade of death threats from TRAs, she was attacked by one at Edinburgh University. Nottingham City Council had to pay up after cancelling a library appearance. In Feminism for Women she tells readers, “Feminism is about giving women the strength and courage to say no.”

Maya Forstater lost her job for saying sex is real, won a four year legal battle which showed that gender critical beliefs are “worthy of respect in a democratic society” (WORIADS) and co-founded Sex Matters.

Magdalen BernsYouTuberboxerlesbianco-founder of For Women Scotland. She was hilarious, incisive and damning in her criticism of homophobia and sexism. When J.K. Rowling followed her on Twitter, all hell broke loose. A brain tumor cut her life far too short, but her video on Stonewall’s Alex Drummond will peak the world forever. Her impact was such that obituaries appeared in both The Morning Star and The Daily Mail.

CLUBS: TransActivist (more or less). Order GENDER WARS playing cards!

WPATH produces the “standards of care” used (or ignored) by medical professionals around the world. Their new guidelines removed age restrictions, allegedly so that no one could be sued for ignoring them. Eunuchs are now included and a chapter on ethics was removed, all of which led to much concern and resignations.

Wannabe tampon distributor Jessica (Jonathan) Yaniv has worked tirelessly to bring the absurdities of Canada’s gender laws to international attention, taking selfies in women’s toilets, harassing girls, suing female immigrants for refusing to wax his genitals in their own homes and assaulting people at court.

Teacher and trans activist Dana Rivers, fka David Warfield, first made the news in 1999 for winning a settlement from the school district over discrimination. In 2016, Rivers brutally murdered a lesbian couple and their son and set their house on fire. Notes from the trial record that Rivers told his brother “his life had never been more in control than it was that night”. Rivers had previously been involved in Camp Trans, part of a successful campaign against Michfest, a music festival his victims had attended for womyn-born-womyn.

Jack Turban is an assistant professor at the University of California, San Francisco, his research focusing on the mental health of young trans people. He is highly enthusiastic about transitioning children and his work has at times been described as “genuinely worthless” and “demonstrating ignorance about the basic facts of studies he cites”.

Former Mermaids CEO Susie Green took her 16-year-old to Thailand for a sex-change operation, later laughing at how little material the surgeons had to work with after years of puberty blockers. The two of them inspired the ITV show ButterflyShe left Mermaids after scandals such as misleading trainingleaked emailssending breast-binders to childrenappointing an iffy trustee and taking the Charity Commission to court, which possibly backfired. Her efforts to transition children continue at GenderGP.

Jennifer Pritzker is a former military man, billionaire investor and philanthropist funder of numerous trans initiatives. Transitioned in 2013, divorced in 2014. Seen by some as a key figure in gender identity ideology’s stranglehold on North American civil society, thanks to carefully-deployed grants.

Isla Bryson raped two women under the name Adam Graham and in being remanded to a women’s prison drove a stake through the heart of self-ID in the UK. His own mother was shocked. Bryson had previously tried to join a self defence class for sexual assault victims, but they had better safeguarding procedures. Pre-Bryson, senior politicians said even child rapists could be placed in women’s prisons. Post-Bryson, one could say some were “at it” and “trying to play the system for personal advantage”.

Nicola Sturgeon, as First Minister of Scotland, pushed the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill through the Scottish Parliament despite much criticism and two-thirds of Scots being against it. Often gave the impression she hadn’t paid attention and didn’t understand her critics. Perhaps her focus was elsewhere. Perhaps she hoped the UK Government blocking the Bill would boost support for independence. But Isla Bryson made it impossible to dodge difficult questions about the consequences of self-ID.

Philosopher Veronica Ivy, fka Rachel McKinnon and Rhys McKinnon, is an enthusiastic participant in women’s cycling, and argues that excluding male athletes from women’s sports is fundamentally unfair, which seems odd till you learn the subtitle of Ivy’s dissertationWhy You Don’t Need to Know What You’re Talking About. Ivy hopes those women who disagree die in a grease fire and celebrated the death of Magdalen Berns. Left a tenure-track position at the College of Charleston after a hilarious performance review containing such gems as “you are doing a rather minimal job”.

Sidhbh Gallagher, aka Dr Teetus Deletus, is, her Instagram bio says, “a FTM & MTF Top and Bottom Surgery Board Certified Plastic Surgeon”. She became famous for sharing photographs of topless females with mastectomy scars to her 40,000 followers, and her promise to yeet those teets, even for children. “Real ‘Frankenstein’ stuff”, as she’s called it. But once she’s done yeeting, patients are on their own.

Hotshot ACLU lawyer Chase Strangio takes an innovative approach to that organization’s mission, leading calls to ban Abigail Shrier’s Irreversible Damage and relentlessly campaigning for the elimination of female-only sports events. Came to prominence as Chelsea Manning’s lead counsel, and later part of the team representing Aimee Stephens, earning a place on Time’s list of the 100 most influential people of 2020.

Olympic gold-medallist Caitlyn Jenner continued to break records after retirement, winning a Woman of the Year Award a mere six months after joining the team. Jenner has been dubbed “Trans Judas” for comments on male athletes in women’s sports and child transition, and much worse by women for being caught taking clothes by his 10-year-old daughter.

Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine is “the highest-ranking openly transgender government official in U.S. history” and claims also to be “the first female four-star officer of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps”, having somehow become “female” in 2011, then divorcing in 2013. Levine promises that “the administration is pushing back” on attempts to ban male athletes from female sports events, vastly overstates the quality of evidence in favor of pediatric transition, and claims trans women have female brains. Though Levine “can’t imagine a life without my children”, the admiral fully supports sterilising treatments for those too young to have had children of their own.

DIAMONDS: Gender-Critical (more or less). Order GENDER WARS playing cards!

A holdout from the free, wild-west internet-forum era, Kiwi Farms is the most censored site in the world. Its users stalk/document the activities of lolcows, such as notorious trans cartoonist Chris-Chan. Denounced as a doxxing site, it might nonetheless be the last stand for free expression online.

Matt Walsh
This right-wing, conservative, anti-abortion Daily Wire writer knows women are female, even if to him that means they should make sandwiches and babies. His 2022 documentary What Is A Woman? is a must-watch.

Radical feminists remain skeptical of woman-born Buck Angel, who claims “transition saved my life.” Buck made a career in pornography, but lately has become outspoken against child transition.

Ray Blanchard is an American sexologist. As told in The Man Who Would Be Queen by J. Michael Bailey, he distinguished between two main types of transsexuals: homosexuals, attracted to men, and autogynephiles, turned on by the thought of being women. This made him deeply controversial and unpopular with the latter group. He now serves on the advisory board of the Gender Dysphoria Alliance.

Billboard Chris provokes incontinent fury and violence by wearing a billboard that says “Children cannot consent to puberty blockers” and filming those who approach him. No one would call him a feminist but he is asking similar questions. Irish police threatened to arrest him. Canadian police shrugged and laughed when he was attacked. English police were a bit better.

Comedian Dave Chappelle provoked violent protests outside Netflix HQ after he expressed support for J.K. Rowling and declared himself a member of “Team TERF” in his show The Closer. But what really stung: his observation that America was much quicker to accept civil rights claims when they came from privileged white males.

Kara Dansky, radical feminist activist and lawyer, is the author of The Abolition of Sex and warns that “anyone who thinks that public policy should be grounded in science needs to take a stand”. She was previously on the board of WoLF (the Women’s Liberation Front) and is now President of the US chapter of Women’s Declaration International. Even Tucker Carlson is a fan.

Amy Eileen Hamm is a licensed nurse, a writer, the co-founder of caWsbar, the co-host of Gender Critical Story Hour, and a committed defender of the sex-based rights of women and girls. After she put up a billboard saying I ♥ JK Rowling, BCCNM (the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives) tried to force her out of nursing with disciplinary proceedings.

Germaine Greer was deplatformed by Cardiff University for her refusal to accept the bulging womanhood of Caitlyn Jenner. She sold a million copies in the UK alone of her book The Female Eunuch, but had fewer words for the male variety: “Just because you lop off your dick and then wear a dress doesn’t make you a fucking woman.”

English barrister Allison Bailey was awarded aggravated damages of £22,000 after an employment tribunal found her Chambers to have subjected her to discrimination and victimisation, in part at the behest of Stonewall in response to her involvement in the founding of LGB Alliance and opposition to her chambers being part of the Stonewall diversity scheme.

Kellie-Jay Keen aka Posie Parker (no, not that one) of Standing for Women is a women’s rights campaigner and lightning rod for controversy. Her use of the phrase “adult human female” on t-shirts and billboards forces opponents to explain why they find a dictionary definition so offensive to a sceptical public. She creates a space to Let Women Speak and some people strongly dislike what they have to say. Her debate with India Willoughby on This Morning has over two million views. Activists assaulted her with tomato juice in New Zealand.

Irish journalist Helen Joyce took a leave of absence from her editorial position at The Economist to write Trans: Where Ideology Meets Reality, a Sunday Times bestseller that changed the conversation around sex and gender in the UK, not least because every MP was sent a copy and she sets out her ideas so clearly. She is now the Director of Advocacy at Sex Matters.

Novelist J.K. Rowling became famous for Harry Potter, while the Strike and Ellacott books display her full fury at the mistreatment of women. The like, the follow, the tweet and the essay led to online abuse and death threats, but she didn’t back down. She improved her home security and went to lunch. The charitable work of this Voldemortian woman includes sheltersMS researchorphansrefugeesrape victimsComic Relief and veterans.

Transsexual Corinna Cohn is a software developer, co-host of the Heterodorx podcast and a board member of GCCAN (the Gender Care Consumer Advocacy Network). After the release of Version 8 of the WPATH Standards of Care, Corinna decided “the only way forward is to start to work on a ban on these procedures for minors. I don’t think WPATH has left any other course open.” To young people seeking to transition, Corinna said “if you explore the world by inhabiting your body as it is, perhaps you’ll find that you love it more than you thought possible”.

Nina Paley drew these cards shortly after her unexpectedly controversial comic book Agents of H.A.G. got canceled by crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo. Before getting drawn into the GenderWars, she made the award-winning animated musical feature films Sita Sings the Blues and Seder-Masochism. Her experimental digital projects include Apocalypse Animated and MysticSymbolic. A staunch proponent of Free Speech, Nina co-hosts the Heterodorx podcast with Corinna Cohn.

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