Episode 131: California Nightmares with Beth Bourne

Beth Bourne is a lifelong Democrat, mother of an estranged trans-identified daughter, and model of courage in the belly of the beast that is the Golden State. After years of receiving slow and inattentive medical service, she told Kaiser Permanente she identified as non-binary and suddenly had speedy access to attention, validation, and any “gender-affirming care” their zealous trans-identified doctors could dream up: cross-sex hormones, double mastectomy, nipple grafts, body contouring, total hysterectomy, phalloplasty, and more! All at rock-bottom co-pays and fast-tracked by cooperative “therapists.” It’s the stuff of nightmares, and that’s before getting into her loss of friends, demonization by the local press, and a restraining order from her kid’s school. From Davis to Redwood City to trans/human-trafficker “sanctuary city” Sacramento, Beth’s story is as inspiring as it is harrowing.



“I Pretended to be ‘Nonbinary’ To Expose A Medical Scandal at Kaiser Permanente”: https://www.realityslaststand.com/p/i-pretended-to-be-nonbinary-to-expose

Beth Bourne on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bourne_beth2345

DIAG: Democrats for an Informed Approach to Gender: https://www.di-ag.org/

Moms for Liberty: https://www.momsforliberty.org/


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One thought on “Episode 131: California Nightmares with Beth Bourne

  1. Your courage to address this issue is inspiring me to voice my concerns. As a 64 yr old life long liberal political activist living in the south, I’ve taken on numerous controversial issues. I’ve never felt more unsafe in using my voice. The consequences are enormous. I look forward to each of your episodes and find your humor to be a healing balm. Wish we could be in-real-life friends. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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