It’s just an emblem, a pin, and a dream. But it’s ours, and we intend to run it into the ground like any other movement, with a series of schisms, betrayals, false accusations, personality conflicts, poor communication, co-optation by more powerful “allies”, selling out, and ultimate abandonment of our ideals.

Lapel Pins!

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    • Sex is immutable (in mammals, inc. humans)
    • Clothes and personalities are not
    • Men can wear dresses
    • Women can be ‘masculine’
    • Go on with your weird self
    • Transwomen are men
    • Keep men out of women’s spaces and resources
    • Transmen are our sisters

“Lighten up, trannies, this used to be fun.” —Miranda Fucking Yardley

“Yup, transwomen are men – and some of them are my friends.” —Nina Paley