Episode 49: MK Fain Wants to Keep Fighting

Corinna and Nina welcome back MK Fain, creator of women’s social network Spinster.xyz and online feminist news publication 4w.pub. Life has dished out some tough lessons in the intervening 10 months, and Fain is a fast learner. She shares newfound wisdom about having a life outside “the Movement,” purity spirals, Truth mills, scapegoating, infighting, fracturing, and cults. After resolving […]

Episode 9: Heterodorx Gets Schooled by MK Fain

Corinna and Nina discover what happens when they interview someone more articulate than either of them: MK Fain, the youthful Doyenne of feminist social media. She is the founder of Spinster.xyz, co-founder of Ovarit, publisher of 4w.pub, and co-host of the Identity Crisis podcast. We touch on free speech and pornography, and its upcoming technology frontier. As the discussion […]

Episode 129: “A Path to Inclusion” with Cyd Zeigler

Cyd Zeigler started ⁠OutSports⁠ in 1999, gradually shifting focus from “pro sports from a gay men’s fandom angle” to all things LGBTQ++, including trans athletes. He joins the Dorx to argue for inclusion of male trans athletes in female categories. From chess to football, Zeigler believes every sport can and should be treated differently; that […]

Episode 126: Mitigating the Damage with Jamie Reed

Last year, case manager ⁠Jamie Reed⁠ blew the whistle on the gender clinic that had employed her for almost four years. Today, she faces an even more frightening challenge: being a guest on the Heterodorx podcast. Jamie’s impeccable lefty credentials never prepared her for Corinna’s relentless sarcasm, let alone what she witnessed in the medical […]

Episode 125: TERF-Tranny Alliances with Eva Kurilova and Lois Cardinal

Canada is not merely America’s Hat; it’s also home to ⁠Eva Kurilova⁠ and ⁠Lois Cardinal⁠, a ⁠TERF-Tranny⁠ duo rivaling the ⁠Heterodorx⁠ in both hardliner contempt and world domination. We discuss womanface, tribal identities, the sterilization of First Nations youth, aging, Feminized Eunuch Males (FEMs), Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID), do-it-yourself genocide, “tru trans”, matching costumes, […]

Episode 123: Alpacne! with Jennifer Lahl

Filmmaker and former pediatric nurse ⁠Jennifer Lah⁠l’s latest short documentary, ⁠The Lost Boys: Searching for Manhood⁠, focuses on male detransitioners. We discuss film distribution, the festival circuit, crowdfunding, straight-to-online, subtitles (“How do you say ‘chopped off his penis’ in Spanish?”), the obsolescence of DVDs, Jennifer’s ex-boyfriend from her nursing school days, “trans healthcare”, the ⁠Crying […]

Episode 122: Welcome to the Gender Wars, Dr. Gary Francione!

After Corinna complains about an ⁠obnoxious and possibly libelous article in the Washington Post⁠, the Dorx welcome legal scholar, philosopher, vegan, and animal rights activist ⁠Dr. Gary Francione⁠. We discuss Equality Claims vs Belief Claims, old-school transsexuals, admitting you’re wrong, ⁠Andrea Dworkin⁠, nonviolence, intersectionality, and the principles of a liberal pluralistic society. Can we police […]

Episode 121: Unblinded by the Light with Ray Alex Williams

For 8 years, ⁠Ray Alex Williams⁠ claimed to be a woman, zealously promoting transgender ideology, ingesting spirolactone and exogenous estrogen, doing “a lot of twitter activism,” and writing a book about ⁠trans philosophy⁠. In May 2023 he socially and medically detransitioned, issuing ⁠public apologies⁠ shortly thereafter. How did “Rachel Anne Williams” — who just a […]

Episode 118: Librarians Losing Their Spine, with Penny Hummel

Librarians once stood for intellectual freedom and access to information, but today many prefer to suppress speech for the sake of a misguided concept of “social justice”. One ⁠Davis, California library⁠ recently violated the First Amendment when they ejected a group of women discussing male athletes in female sports. Collections and programs are regularly distorted […]