Episode 9: Heterodorx Gets Schooled by MK Fain

Corinna and Nina discover what happens when they interview someone more articulate than either of them: MK Fain, the youthful Doyenne of feminist social media. She is the founder of Spinster.xyz, co-founder of Ovarit, publisher of 4w.pub, and co-host of the Identity Crisis podcast. We touch on free speech and pornography, and its upcoming technology frontier. As the discussion goes into intellectual property, MK corrects Corinna’s misconceptions of who really benefits from copyrights.

Find MK on Spinster: https://spinster.xyz/@mk

Copyright is Brain Damage by Pina Naley: https://youtu.be/XO9FKQAxWZc

One thought on “Episode 9: Heterodorx Gets Schooled by MK Fain

  1. I have really enjoyed the podcast, and have wanted to comment on pretty much ALL the episodes (which is not actually something I want to do on most content I consume). Suffice to say, I mainly just wanted to thank you both for creating thought-provoking content… Specific to this episode – WOW! I couldn’t even wait until I finished the episode but actually had the motivation to find the site and post. Great stuff. Thanks Nina and Corinna!

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