Episode 49: MK Fain Wants to Keep Fighting

Corinna and Nina welcome back MK Fain, creator of women’s social network Spinster.xyz and online feminist news publication 4w.pub. Life has dished out some tough lessons in the intervening 10 months, and Fain is a fast learner. She shares newfound wisdom about having a life outside “the Movement,” purity spirals, Truth mills, scapegoating, infighting, fracturing, and cults. After resolving not to join anything in 2022, Fain becomes the newest member of the TERF-Tranny Alliance, and Nina looks forward to Death. Then the Dorx get philosophical about the difference between oppressors and leaders, the nature of human hierarchies, telling the truth as well as questioning it, writer’s block, and spaying and neutering our pets — and ourselves. Somehow all this inspires Fain to continue her fight for justice; maybe she’ll inspire you too.