Episode 18: A Black Band-Aid for White Guilt with Chris Waites

Chris Waites is an Amateur Open-Mic Comedian, professional Grocery Shelf-Stocker, mild-mannered provocateur, and self-described “Nobody”. After sorting out Chris’s pronouns, the Dorx discuss BANDAIDGATE: Are “regular” Band-Aids “white”? Are “black” Band-Aids “black”? Are any humans the same color as Band-Aids? What happens when a black man questions the wisdom of chocolate band-aids on fecebook? Nina suggests “fitting in” is a neoliberal Capitalist plot, while Chris learns he is “privileged” to not think about race constantly, unlike his long-suffering liberal white allies. The Dorx also discuss how people suppress their individuality within tribes; the difference between allies and friends; “Golem-ing”; getting drunk on White Guilt; and Corinna’s Black Power Fist facial tattoo.

Episode 17: The Dorx Don’t Save The World

Our more-or-less Jewish hosts share their sub-optimally-informed opinions about conflict in the Middle East. Perhaps the colonization of Palestine could be resisted by misgendering Israelis? But first, Corinna talks about why Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t belong in Hollywood. Later, Corinna plugs Target’s new queer-branded product line, and threatens to buy Nina an “ALLY” t-shirt. Corinna is propositioned in Corinna’s ‘hood (notice how I’m avoiding pronouns here? awkward!), and donates to Nina’s MysicSymbolic project by mistaking it for a transition fund. Throughout, the Dorx’s extreme and relentless sarcasm makes much of the discussion incomprehensible to anyone but them. Enjoy!


This Land Is Mine: https://vimeo.com/50531435

MysticSymbolic crowdfunder: https://www.gofundme.com/f/mysticsymbolic-development

Andrea Dworkin on the Sexual Revolution: https://blog.ninapaley.com/2019/08/23/andrea-dworkin-on-the-sexual-revolution/

Episode 16: Metamodernism with Greg Dember

Metamodernism is a response to Postmodernism, which is a response to Modernism, which is a response to Traditionalism. The Dorx discuss that and more with Greg Dember, one of Metamodernism’s leading experts. Nina wants to know if her movies Sita Sings the Blues and Seder-Masochism are metamodern, and Greg obliges with an answer! (Spoiler: yes.) After Nina compares metamodernist media to porn, using the metaphor of “the money shot,” Greg suggests she might have her very own episteme. Corinna identifies as post-postmodernist, which is another way to say ‘irredeemably sarcastic’. In spite of the Dorx’s cynicism (postmodern) and their guest’s optimism (metamodern), they enjoy a fun, fruitful, intellectual conversation, and conclude, “identity is the metamodern problem.”


Episode 15: With Allies Like These, Who Needs Axes?

This lighthearted, rollicking episode opens with Nina posting Corinna’s rant “Against Allies” (from last week’s episode) on fecebook, to the chagrin of some allies. (The next day, Nina gets a 24-hour fecebook ban for “hate speech.”) Then Nina and Corinna discuss the political indoctrination, or lack thereof, of their respective childhoods. They go on to cover how advocacy groups reduce diversity, the discovery of a “third race,” the retraction of Richard Dawkins’ decades-old Humanist award, the idolization of the Gender Unicorn, and whether “It’s Always OK to Ask Someone Their Gender Pronouns!” Finally, they segue into “Meta-Modernism,” the topic of next week’s episode. Fun!

Four Arguments For The Elimination of Television by Jerry Mander: http://www.nelligennet.com/televisionjerrymander.pdf