Episode 18: A Black Band-Aid for White Guilt with Chris Waites

Chris Waites is an Amateur Open-Mic Comedian, professional Grocery Shelf-Stocker, mild-mannered provocateur, and self-described “Nobody”. After sorting out Chris’s pronouns, the Dorx discuss BANDAIDGATE: Are “regular” Band-Aids “white”? Are “black” Band-Aids “black”? Are any humans the same color as Band-Aids? What happens when a black man questions the wisdom of chocolate band-aids on fecebook? Nina suggests “fitting in” is a neoliberal Capitalist plot, while Chris learns he is “privileged” to not think about race constantly, unlike his long-suffering liberal white allies. The Dorx also discuss how people suppress their individuality within tribes; the difference between allies and friends; “Golem-ing”; getting drunk on White Guilt; and Corinna’s Black Power Fist facial tattoo.