Episode 15: With Allies Like These, Who Needs Axes?

This lighthearted, rollicking episode opens with Nina posting Corinna’s rant “Against Allies” (from last week’s episode) on fecebook, to the chagrin of some allies. (The next day, Nina gets a 24-hour fecebook ban for “hate speech.”) Then Nina and Corinna discuss the political indoctrination, or lack thereof, of their respective childhoods. They go on to cover how advocacy groups reduce diversity, the discovery of a “third race,” the retraction of Richard Dawkins’ decades-old Humanist award, the idolization of the Gender Unicorn, and whether “It’s Always OK to Ask Someone Their Gender Pronouns!” Finally, they segue into “Meta-Modernism,” the topic of next week’s episode. Fun!

Four Arguments For The Elimination of Television by Jerry Mander: http://www.nelligennet.com/televisionjerrymander.pdf

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