Episode 16: Metamodernism with Greg Dember

Metamodernism is a response to Postmodernism, which is a response to Modernism, which is a response to Traditionalism. The Dorx discuss that and more with Greg Dember, one of Metamodernism’s leading experts. Nina wants to know if her movies Sita Sings the Blues and Seder-Masochism are metamodern, and Greg obliges with an answer! (Spoiler: yes.) After Nina compares metamodernist media to porn, using the metaphor of “the money shot,” Greg suggests she might have her very own episteme. Corinna identifies as post-postmodernist, which is another way to say ‘irredeemably sarcastic’. In spite of the Dorx’s cynicism (postmodern) and their guest’s optimism (metamodern), they enjoy a fun, fruitful, intellectual conversation, and conclude, “identity is the metamodern problem.”