Episode 14: Against Allies

This week’s mercifully short episode opens with both Nina and Corinna exhausted from dealing with Internet bullshit. Corinna talks about being drawn into the manipulative abuse of a transphobic gay man on Clubhouse. Nina reminisces about an organization that used to exist to help poor women have access to reproductive health resources. In between, Corinna goes on a magnificent rant against “allies,” which should be bronzed for posterity. If you listen to only 2 minutes of Heterodorx, start at 08:00 of this episode.

2 thoughts on “Episode 14: Against Allies

  1. Allies would be great if they weren’t filled with such righteous ego. And, calling oneself an ally I think is the exact thing that leads to this righteousness. I wish these people would do the work of actively working in the trenches of social justice. Roll up your sleeves and clean bedpans and toilets at a hospice, or spend every weekend cleaning cages at an animal shelter. Or on a crisis line where you actively have to stop thinking about yourself and be totally able to hold space for people who are within an inch of taking their lives. Or spending hours trying to find a bed for someone who has just been released from rehab, the hospital, prison, the psych ward. Or so many other things that actually help people. *sigh*

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