Episode 88: Circling the Rhetorical Drain with Alex Byrne and Carole Hooven

Why do debates about trans rights always get sucked into arguments about Disorders of Sexual Development? Philosophy professor Alex Byrne and Biology professor Carole Hooven join the Dorx for some “Monday night quarterbacking” on the Dreger-Wright debate. But first, Carole and Nina compare notes on hysterectomies, oopherctomies, and menopause. Then it’s on to why “bullshit” shouldn’t replace facts even to be “nice,” what “sex is real” actually means, the red herring of DSDs, how the humanities suffer from “science envy,” luxury beliefs, why allies ruin everything, and more. Nina ends it on a happy note: the impending extinction of everything.


Maggie Chapman replaces facts with bullshit: https://twitter.com/HolyroodDaily/status/1605929587220676609

Carole Hooven tweets about C/AIS (over)representation in sports: https://twitter.com/hoovlet/status/1604137509805428736

Alex Byrne: https://philosophy.mit.edu/byrne/

Carole Hooven: http://www.carolehooven.com/

The Dreger-Wright Debate: https://youtu.be/K2aKX8Mcz9Q