Episode 89: Dialing Down the Misanthropy with Heather Heying

Evolutionary biologist, former Evergreen college professor, Dark Horse podcaster, and author Heather Heying shares her thoughts on academia. We learn Heying is the daughter of a university math professor, like Nina. Corinna then nudges the two faculty spawn into a lively argument about just how much women submit to men, and whether social conditioning or biology are the cause. Plus, utopianism and its discontents, social stratification, consuming junk, environmental issues, and why life is too short to eat lousy chocolate.


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A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century: https://www.huntergatherersguide.com/

On resigning from the Board of the University of Austin: https://naturalselections.substack.com/p/uatxresignation