Episode 87: Nina Gets Canceled (Again) & Corinna Predicts the Future

After raising 150% of her goal on IndieGoGo, the crowdfunding platform cancels Nina’s first comic book in 30 years, Agents of H.A.G.. Money, funders, orders — all gone, 2 days after the 2-week campaign ended. Meanwhile, Corinna observes fissures between Gender Critical factions widening into increasingly insurmountable chasms. The future looks dystopian, and so does the present!

4 thoughts on “Episode 87: Nina Gets Canceled (Again) & Corinna Predicts the Future

  1. So disappointed in Indiegogo, not that my expectations were high. I hope to be able to own a copy of Agents of H.A.G. soon. Nina deserves better than that.

    I really appreciate this podcast. I enjoy the banter but I also really find the way the topics are handled to be enlightening. It’s not so simple. It’s not okay to just say its “us” vs. “them” whoever we would ascribe to those roles. It’s more complex and we all really need to avoid those divisions. I’m rambling. Thanks for your thoughtful handling of these complexities. Both of you are teaching me a lot.

  2. I quoted heterodorx’s call for action regarding kiwifarms extra-judicial deplatforming in a political forum on literotica pointing out what it could mean to the community. Bad: one response said I should be banned for posting “hateful” content. Good: everyone ignored the response. Times are a-changing.

  3. Disappointed and appropriately outraged on behalf of Nina Paley, the Agents of H.A.G., and everyone who helped support this creative venture. It is reassuring, however, to look around the web and see that many others from all stripes are expressing outrage at IndieNoGo’s decisions and actions.

    It was, however, a happy surprise to enjoy another great conversation with the Dorx. I share Corrine’s point of view on what’s going to happen within the sphere of “GC” and I’m sorry to say I also share in the bleak outlook of where that will lead us. Though, it was a bit eerie to hear someone say the thoughts you’ve been having aloud like that.

    I’ll make a bonus prediction (as I’ve already been seeing it happen:) There will be a new branch of “feminism” that will claim total bans on abortion are actually “good” for women; separating men and women into different “spheres” where men control public life and women “control” domestic life is “good” for women; gendered stereotypes are actually “liberating/empowering” for women, as are having to attach yourself to a man either through family or marriage.

    “Tradwives” are already a thing, and there is already a “feminist” magazine making statements like what I’ve described above.

    I root for the J.K. Rowling-GC/feminists, because that, to me, sounds just about right. But with the success of the KJK-types of GC, this “new feminism” will follow…and it’ll be very, VERY bad for women.

  4. In the middle of listening- but wondering which platforms earlier hosted crowdfunders for this stuff, like Allison Bailey’s legal issues? Is it country specific? Hope you get the support you need. Time for all of us to fight back.

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