Episode 61: Practical Politics with Natasha Chart

America suffers a paucity of effective women’s rights organizations. Personality conflicts, administrative scandals, and cancel culture can drive women away – only to find no alternatives. Asserting competition as the best way to dodge corruption, Natasha Chart proposes a solution: many more nonprofits, created by many more women. But first, she describes her journey from Jehova’s Witness to radical leftist to “normie”; her work on the ground in Washington DC; activists’ mutually exclusive dietary restrictions; “cowardice at the top”; and her love affair with the democratic process and representative government. Let a million (or at least a few dozen) feminist orgs bloom!


Natasha Chart’s web site: https://natashachart.com/

Practical Politics for Bold Women: https://chartconsulting.samcart.com/products/practical-politics-for-bold-women

IRS web site: https://www.irs.gov/charities-and-nonprofits

2 thoughts on “Episode 61: Practical Politics with Natasha Chart

  1. A fascinating interview of Natasha Chart! Her history and knowledge of political orgs kept me listening to the end. I always wondered how organizations were formed. I hope we can get some more feminist orgs, and that not only the leaders, but regular members have a say in what goes on!

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