Episode 62: Gender, Government, and Law with Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is an exceedingly smart, clear-speaking, right-of-center lawyer who knows what sex is. From the Trump administration to the Women’s Liberation Front, she says gender ideology has broken through traditional left-right silos like nothing else. We discuss postmodernism in politics, religion (genderism) coinciding with plague (COVID), ideological purity, Democrats, Republicans, and how women in prison are affected when governments conflate sex and gender. Lively and information-packed, this conversation will make you want to make something great again, be it America or Anarchism.

Women’s Declaration International: https://www.womensdeclaration.com/en/

One thought on “Episode 62: Gender, Government, and Law with Candice Jackson

  1. It was heartening to hear that there are people on the Left (albeit “underground,” to escape persecution) trying to work with people who are ideologically on the Right on these issues, especially in California. (Ironic, that one of the most divisive topics in public life is also one of the most unifying.)

    A much-appreciated conversation!

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