Episode 60: Gender Warfare with Billboard Chris

In the gender wars, Billboard Chris is a warrior, dropping truth bombs with military precision and engaging in mouth-to-ear combat on the ground. After placing informative billboards in major cities, he takes to the streets wearing a sandwich board stating “CHILDREN CANNOT CONSENT TO PUBERTY BLOCKERS”. Questions elicit blazes of fact-fire that may provoke shock, awe, or, in our case, nodding agreement. Nina struggles to find something – anything – to disagree about, while Corinna meekly suggests that Chris might burn out at some point. No chance of that! The fight goes on until gender surrenders.



4 thoughts on “Episode 60: Gender Warfare with Billboard Chris

  1. Excellent conversation! Thank you, Billboard Chris, for literally putting yourself out there.

    I will offer this one grain of optimism: Many of us who seem quiet are actually talking, just not online. And we’re focusing on the people who may be in a position to do something about it.

  2. Do you think the reason why women are fighting both fronts of this issue are because women are made to be socially responsible for those around them?

    Is the perception that women have “all this social power” (i.e. family dynamics, social circles, who the children are around, expected to nurture, keep the peace etc.) the internalized expectation from both sexes that women are simply responsible for others, and therefore, women act as expected in society?

    Is the perception that men are socially diminished (i.e. have no say in family dynamics, not responsible for child rearing, reluctant participants in mixed circles, etc.) the internalized expectation from both sexes that men are NOT responsible (or as responsible) for others, and therefore, men act as expected in society?

  3. The second link needs corrected–it looks like two links got pasted together.

  4. I really, really appreciate the interview Nina and Corinna did with “Billboard Chris.” I must admit, until I actually listened to him, I had sort of dismissed him as a reactionary kook who would do more harm than good. But after listening to him explain why he started doing what he is doing (Once he assured himself his family would be reasonably safe, he just started by going outside and having conversations with people.), I wish more average-Joe men would do the same. His demeanor and attitude reminds me very much of Anthony Magnabosco and his “street epistemology.” You can find his channel on YouTube and his website is https://streetepistemology.com/. His quest is to figure out how to have conversations that allow people to examine why they believe what they say they believe. I do not know if what either of these men are attempting to do while interacting with people still capable of reason is scalable . . . but it is clear to me that the human race desperately needs it to be. Here’s one example of Anthony attempting conversation on the topic of gender: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbNlZEKkBRc

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