Episode 59: Can We Blame Women For Lousy Men?

In this already-dated, 2-week-old recording, the Dorx once again express compassion for all medical transitioners, and discuss young male detransitioners in particular. Nina shares Too Much Information about her hysterectomy, and Corinna admits the benefits of neutering cats and humans. After arguing about who is responsible for the failures of men (Nina: it’s men, Corinna: could be women), Nina mentions Female Dating Strategy, which could be the answer to both. Corinna wants more money, and Nina says it’s tough being a canceled artist. Somehow we both thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts while saying humans suck and everyone should do better. That goes double for us!


Trans Journalists Association: https://transjournalists.org/

Female Dating Strategy: https://www.thefemaledatingstrategy.com/

Apocalypse Animated: https://apocalypseanimated.com/

Hundred Dollar Drawings (now $150): https://blog.ninapaley.com/hundred-dollar-drawing/

One thought on “Episode 59: Can We Blame Women For Lousy Men?

  1. I’d like to take Corrina’s comment about not having a “sense of coping” a step further when applied to feminists and the trans community:

    I suspect that when people aren’t okay/cannot cope, there is a tendency to latch onto anything that will immediately explain everything with as little analysis applied to it as possible; The goal is to instantly relieve oneself of immediate stress and thinking about anything too much would only create more stress. And unfortunately — and I am a radical feminist myself — I have noticed a lot of women will latch onto whatever brand of feminism they want and use that as the explanation as to why everything wrong, why they’re more right, and go on to express whatever behaviors online and feel justified by it.

    Now, for the other feminists, radical feminists and non-feminists out there, I’m in no way implying that this is what’s we’re about: Feminism is about upending societal thoughts, behaviors and structures that creates a system of favoring men over women by subscribing to gendered roles/stereotypes and penalizes anyone who do not conform or challenge them. That is the actual patriarchy we’re talking about, and that is what we mean to challenge through meaningful analysis.

    But what I have been observing is how anyone can pick up an ideology of any flavor — feminist, trans or otherwise — and use that to immediately quash the process of critical thought under stress. And that, in turn, trivializes and misrepresents the true intentions behind a movement or ideology.

    For example, in online fandoms, I have seen young women prop up “feminism” as a reason for why their favored ship is more valid than a canon ship (“fictional relationship,”) and go on to harass other fans of a rival ship claiming everyone against it was a “misogynist” for not seeing that her ship was better.

    Obviously, this is ridiculous and childish, (though it does help to explain why so many teenagers and young adults have this weird idea about what feminism really is,) but this is the kind of trivializing thing I’ve seen in the name of “feminism.”

    This was a great conversation and very fun to listen to!

    I’m also glad that male detransitioners are talking and I sympathize/empathize with anyone going through that process (and even before.) But sometimes I think we do need recognize that they need a very wide berth to do so, and I hope, in time, those whom we may be the most concerned about and critical of right now, will come around to a better place where they may be penitent of some words and actions they may have said or done at this time that were truly unwarranted when directed personally at others. I wish them to find that better place where they may be whole.

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