Episode 58: The Joy of Intelligent Disagreement with Ryan Anderson

Author & political philosopher Ryan Anderson is a Catholic conservative who staunchly opposes abortion rights and gay marriage. He is also a more engaging and productive conversationalist than 99% of modern “Liberals”. Disagreeing with respect and intelligence is not only possible, but fun – and it makes everyone look smarter, including the Dorx. Our conversation ranges from the Heritage Foundation, SOGI (can we separate the SO from the GI?), moral reasoning, healthcare reform, religion, book banning, “intergenerational love,” and the limits of liberties. With political enemies like this, who needs friends?

“Concerns form the Left” 2019 Heritage Foundation panel: https://www.heritage.org/event/the-inequality-the-equality-act-concerns-the-left
Amazon employees coping with Matt Walsh’s book “Johnny the Walrus”: https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/amazon-employee-matt-walsh-books
The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt: https://righteousmind.com/
Tearing Us Apart: How Abortion Harms Everything and Solves Nothing: https://books.google.com/books/about/Tearing_Us_Apart.html?id=xeVTEAAAQBAJ&source=kp_book_description

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  1. thanks for posting this!
    it’s been a real Little Red Hen day, revisiting Norm MacDonald and listening to your podcast. cheers to one and all!

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