Episode 57: Extra Bonus Raw and Unedited Rantings

The Dorx couldn’t wait for Corinna to edit the 2 recorded episodes in the queue, so they had a spontaneous RAW & UNEDITED conversation and are slapping it up here WITHOUT COOKING OR EDITING! Yes, it’s as uncooked as a 19-year-old’s brain, which doesn’t finish baking until age 25 or a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. We discuss transing as a social phenomenon, Fundamental Attribution Error, long pauses, male detransitioners, the white supremacist mass shooter in Buffalo, and the decline of American hegemony. Hopefully it’ll stave off hunger until our next fine well-edited episodes come out of the oven. Bon appetit!

One thought on “Episode 57: Extra Bonus Raw and Unedited Rantings

  1. I am so appreciative of you two for sharing these conversations with us. Many of us who do not participate in the madness online feel very similarly when someone spouts their unfiltered damage, and we do not “tweet at” nor retweet because we know there is no progress or healing to be had in doing so. I am a Radical Feminist, but I don’t necessarily blame those out there who seem thirsty to hate/blame women and especially RadFems for everything that’s happening right now and here’s why:

    Many of these male (and female) detransitioners are in their early 20s, and the Internet World of Social Media is what filled up so much of their formative years. These kids were not just being exposed to unfiltered thoughts, but the unfiltered thoughts of people who may have been very unwell; people who aren’t what they say they are in real life; and people who may be arbitrarily holding up a political or ideological flag just to seem bigger than they really are without actually believing in very much of at all.

    If you’re a teenager going through a tough time looking for a place to belong, you are not going to be safe out there online. And it’s not the kid’s fault; Where else are you going to go when you feel like there is no place for them in real life? But the internet isn’t where thoughtful discussions and understanding are had — The Internet is the abyss that Friedrich Nietzsche warned us about.

    When it comes to “an internet feminist” anyone can call themselves a “feminist” online, same as how anyone can say “Feminists are like this…” online without anyone actually having to consider whether or not that’s true. If you’re not all that invested in knowing what Feminism really is, you may end up with a very skewed idea of what a “Feminist” must really be about.

    I also understand that if you have been abused by women, you might feel compensated for your hurt if you degrade other women and mischaracterize their values so that everyone else will think similarly about them as you do. But in a public space, that will not help you heal.

    If you’re processing something traumatizing coming out of “The Abyss,” you are going to come away from it believing in the unfiltered rages of everyone else out there. So, I understand when young men (and women) need a space to “detox” from all that while dealing with some grueling realities outside the internet, but it has to be in a supportive, healthy “Male Damage Only!” (or “Female Damage Only!”) space with the understanding that none of that is to be directed at anyone outside that safe space.

    So, Nina is absolutely correct: Women cannot help men get through this; Only men can help men.

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