Episode 56: Voluntary Human Extinction with Les U. Knight

Which would hasten the Apocalypse faster: population decline, or population increase? Economists urge growth, but Les U Knight, discoverer of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, argues the peaceful, gradual elimination of humanity would be better for everyone – especially humanity itself. We discuss contraception, Insectageddon, donuts, the Demographic Transition Theory, ritual human sacrifice, and what would happen if we got rid of Netflix. May we Live Long and Die Out!

VHEMT web site: vhemt.org

Nina on the Jerry Springer show with the Church of Euthenasia in 1997: https://vimeo.com/235654079

Virginia Abernethy – Population Politics (which includes a debunking of the Demographic Transition Theory): https://books.google.com/books/about/Population_Politics.html?id=oJ4jngEACAAJ

2 thoughts on “Episode 56: Voluntary Human Extinction with Les U. Knight

  1. Seems like a little (epistemic? I’m not good at big words) humility is in order when making the assertion that there’s no biological urge to procreate–I have no problem believing that people in the VHE movement have no such innate biological urge, and even that fewer men than women have that urge, but as someone who does have that drive it’s definitely not the same as wanting to have sex and it isn’t even just wanting to nurture small cute things. Actually, from a VHE perspective I think it might be useful for people on the fence about having kids to know that for some people it is genuinely a biological drive, and not something they talk themselves into.

  2. The URGE you mention – it’s no different than quitting cigarettes. It may be hard but it’s not impossible! You quit because you see the benefits of quitting – why don’t people see the benefits of saving the only planet we have?

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