Episode 55: BioTrans with Kikomi

In a very “meta” episode that probably won’t make sense to those not deeply involved in online transactivism, the Dorx speak with BioTransGirl Kikomi. Kikomi was Assigned Female At Birth (AFAB) and identifies as a man who identifies as a woman: a transwoman. We learn how BioTrans are even more marginalized and oppressed than trans, not even validated by Stonewall or the ACLU. Nina realizes she may be a BioTrans “egg”, but if she “comes out” she could face BioTransphobia or worse: biodetransition. Should she get vaginoplasty on her front hole? Does she have autoandrogynephelia? Will she replace Corinna as the One True Trans? Perhaps the most marginalized of all are the .02% of the population capable of getting these jokes.

Kikomi on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BioTransGirl

Kikomi comics: https://archive.org/details/kikomi/

BioTrans insufficiently welcome at Nina’s local bike club: https://blog.ninapaley.com/2022/03/21/cycling-and-gender-intersect-in-meaningful-ways/

TERF-Tranny Alliance: https://www.heterodorx.com/terftrannyalliance/

4 thoughts on “Episode 55: BioTrans with Kikomi

  1. What a great episode! I laughed so hard, and to find out it makes me part of .02% makes it so special.

  2. this episode is priceless. i am thinking (fantasizing) about sharing it with my teenage daughter… if she doesn’t disown me maybe she could let the fresh breeze of satire in, and perhaps she would consider transitioning from transmasc to bio trans…. but i fear i am chasing a dream and in reality she would look at me with contempt and shut herself in the bathroom for days.

  3. Kikomi reveals the most absurd elements of what we’re currently experiencing in real time as a BioTransGirl. The best thing about this episode are all the attempts to stifle laughter while trying to sound as serious as possible in asking these truly hard-hitting questions. Had a wonderful time with this one!

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