Episode 106: Corinna and Nina talk ICONS

The Dorx do a quick review of the 2023 ICONS International Women’s Sports Summit in Denver, among whose speakers were many former Heterodorx guests like Carole HoovenColin WrightHelen JoyceKara Dansky, and Kim Jones; plus Suzanne VierlingDina McMillanRiley GainesJennifer Sey, and countless other badass women, including tall otherworldly young athletes, elder Olympic champions, lawyers, writers, policy-makers, conservatives, liberals, and spectral beings. There were even some men, like Jon Pike⁠⁠Ross Tucker⁠, Corinna, and at least one cute security guy. The theme was WINNING, and we’re going to, just like Nina wins an argument with Corinna about whether the elite professional-managerial class constitutes an “orthodoxy.” It is what’s best in life!


ICONS website (currently featuring videos from the 3-day Summit): https://www.iconswomen.com/

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