Episode 95: Speaking and Thinking with Helen Joyce


Helen Joyce is a journalist, former writer and editor at The Economist, and author of TRANS: When Ideology Meets Reality. She joins the Dorx to discuss what is and is not Worthy Of Respect In A Democratic Society, the importance of free speech to free thought, the stupefaction of political polarization, differences between TERF Island and the USA, Left-wing “discipline,” splits in the gender-critical movement, and more. Nina is such a drooling fangirl she barely flinches when her work is compared to painted stones and crocheted vulvas, and Corinna asks refreshing questions.


Website: https://www.thehelenjoyce.com/

Twitter @HJoyceGender

TRANS: When Ideology Meets Reality: https://www.thehelenjoyce.com/trans-news-and-reviews/

Sex Matters: https://sex-matters.org/

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