Episode 102: Gender of Champions with Kim Jones

Kim Jones is co-founder of ICONS, the International Council On WomeN’s Sports. A former college athlete whose daughter had to compete against Lia Thomas, Jones intelligently and passionately articulates why “sports are the public arena of the difference of the sexes,” and how gaslighting  girls in the spotlight sends a harrowing message to all women. We also discuss the inversion of the word “inclusion,” the slipperiness of the word “gender,” men undressing next to strange girls, the importance of speaking your mind, Corinna’s fanciful claims of doing Nina’s yard work, Title IX, women who advocate male dominance, and more.

ICONS Women’s Sports Summit, Denver July 21-23 (the Dorx will be there!): https://www.iconswomen.com/2023-conference-registration/

One thought on “Episode 102: Gender of Champions with Kim Jones

  1. Dear Corinna and Nina,
    Just a quick note of thanks. I have been listening for a long time and can’t express enough gratitude for the guests you interview and the topics you cover. I can sometimes feel a great amount of despair over the “gender wars” and about “gender affirming care”, which has touched my family deeply. It can get pretty tense – so I am also deeply grateful for the times you make me laugh. Keep doing all you’re doing and, again, thank you so much.

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