Episode 101: Open Wounds

The Dorx skip the guest to discuss online drama du jour: so-called “allies” using language detransitioners don’t like. Nina asserts no one likes to be told how to speak; that there is some violence inherent to all surgery; that middle-aged women are forced into an unwanted mommy role; and all humans are capable of healing, no matter how disfigured or mutilated. Corinna says we can use plain instead of charged language, and implores “don’t be an ally, be a listener.” He argues calmly, rationally, and in good faith, before mentioning he recently doubled his dose of exogenous estrogen. Then he returns to Twitter to provoke everyone further for some reason.


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India Willoughby’s review: https://spinster.xyz/@ninapaley/posts/AVYdzaeaDtSPIcc07U

Mary Harrington: https://reactionaryfeminist.com/feminism-against-progress/

Corinna provoking people on Twitter: https://twitter.com/heterodorx/status/1664351092535173120



One thought on “Episode 101: Open Wounds

  1. Dear Nina and Corinna,

    I’m a late arrival to your podcast, and so have had the treat of binge-listening for the past two weeks while I work. I just wanted to write and thank you. Listening to you two is a little like the end of the ‘Lord of the Flies’ (stay with me here) when the adult rescuers turn up and you are reminded all the hugely awful people in this story are little boys. It is so refreshing listening to people who actually want their positions challenged, and to be able to hear from people on the other side when they are not in their adoring echo chambers. It’s depressing how rare that is, but I didn’t realize how frog-in-the-pot I’d gotten about it until now. You both ask such good, insightful questions and have made me think a lot. And I already thought a lot! So thank you also for squeezing more thought out of me.

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart for the dose of sanity, (sometimes grim) humor and genuine questioning of selves and others. Oh, and Nina, I am happy about menopause too, and for the same reasons! What a shit show fertility has been. Auntie M is on the way out and I hope the door hits her on the ass hard.

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