Episode 100: Alasdair Gunn: It’s Fun To Play Scrabble With A Linguist

Vice Director of Genspect Alasdair Gunn (nee Angus Fox) rejoins the Dorx to recap Killarney’s Bigger Picture conference, compare European and US approaches to gender issues, and update us on his health. Soon Corinna is pushing exogenous estrogen on Nina, who just wants to settle down with a female housemate despite being recently named a Scarlet Whore. Other major themes include menopause, burly Irish asphalt workers, tarot cards, and repeated threats by Corinna to edit all this out. It’s the quality content our firefighting, tree-felling, cooking and cleaning listeners expect!


Texas Democrat Shawn Thierry’s moving speech: https://twitter.com/lukemaciastx/status/1657213918048034817

IMPRO by Keith Johnstone: https://archive.org/details/pdfy-KIkLrSPi_3lzPl5v

GENDER WARS Playing Cards which can totally also be used for Tarot-style divination: https://store.ninapaley.com/product/gender-wars-playing-cards/

2 thoughts on “Episode 100: Alasdair Gunn: It’s Fun To Play Scrabble With A Linguist

  1. I just want to say this was one of the best episodes I’ve listened to. Also I’m in 100% agreement with Nina and I’m in the market for another post-sexual housemate.

  2. Thank you for leaving in the last half hour. I am a primate pretending to be an Accountant whilst listening to other primates play with each other.

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