Episode 99: Ask an Autogynephile! with Phil Illy

Most autogynephiles — men sexually aroused by impersonating, embodying, or identifying as women — are so deeply ashamed of their condition they deny its existence. Phil Illy is a rare exception whose acceptance and curiosity led him to research and write a book on the topic. We discuss attraction to others (“allosexuality”) vs attraction to embodied states or oneself (“autosexuality”); the narcissism of falling in love; “meta-sexuality”; gender-based vs. sex-based attraction; autism as identity; pillow queens; Corinna’s boobs; Bronies; paranormal romance novels; pseudobisexuality; and autozoophilic trans turtles. After all our somewhat explicit talk about sex, we conclude it continues to be real, people continue to be weird, and everyone needs to chill out.


Autoheterosexuality by Phil Illy:  autohetbook.com

Phil Illy’s Substack: phililly.substack.com

Phil on Twitter: @autogynephilic

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