Episode 64: Cathy Brennan Doesn’t Care What You Think

But if you care what she thinks, listen to this lesbian, radical feminist, lawyer, and Fake Goth hold forth about Tumblr, putting gender identity above sex in the law, the distraction of public bathroom policies, Republican lesbians, “queer” as a reclaimed slur, the civil rights of trans people, why “ROGD moms are bad moms”, and how gender criticals are stupid, boring, annoying, too reactive, care too much about identities, and should shut the fuck up. Enhanced with more swears than usual, this singular episode offers something to alienate everyone!

Cathy “Bug” Brennan on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bugbrennan

Episode 63: Ask an Endocrinologist! with Dr. William Malone

Why do people without gonads (or their function) need hormone replacement? How exactly do hormones affect bone health? Should clinicians who prescribe puberty blockers have more than 3 hours of training? How did historical eunuchs get by without exogenous hormones? Are gonads the human body’s only source of sex steroids? How does a detransitioner or disenchanted transsexual find a decent endocrinologist? Does Nina have superior tendon insertion points? Was Corinna’s first endocrinologist inappropriately handsy? Dr. Will Malone, MD, generously and meticulously answers these questions and more on this much-anticipated episode!
Will Malone MD on Twitter: https://twitter.com/will_malone
Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine: https://www.segm.org/
ReThink Identity Medicine Ethics: https://rethinkime.org/

Episode 62: Gender, Government, and Law with Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is an exceedingly smart, clear-speaking, right-of-center lawyer who knows what sex is. From the Trump administration to the Women’s Liberation Front, she says gender ideology has broken through traditional left-right silos like nothing else. We discuss postmodernism in politics, religion (genderism) coinciding with plague (COVID), ideological purity, Democrats, Republicans, and how women in prison are affected when governments conflate sex and gender. Lively and information-packed, this conversation will make you want to make something great again, be it America or Anarchism.

Women’s Declaration International: https://www.womensdeclaration.com/en/

Episode 61: Practical Politics with Natasha Chart

America suffers a paucity of effective women’s rights organizations. Personality conflicts, administrative scandals, and cancel culture can drive women away – only to find no alternatives. Asserting competition as the best way to dodge corruption, Natasha Chart proposes a solution: many more nonprofits, created by many more women. But first, she describes her journey from Jehova’s Witness to radical leftist to “normie”; her work on the ground in Washington DC; activists’ mutually exclusive dietary restrictions; “cowardice at the top”; and her love affair with the democratic process and representative government. Let a million (or at least a few dozen) feminist orgs bloom!


Natasha Chart’s web site: https://natashachart.com/

Practical Politics for Bold Women: https://chartconsulting.samcart.com/products/practical-politics-for-bold-women

IRS web site: https://www.irs.gov/charities-and-nonprofits