Episode 64: Cathy Brennan Doesn’t Care What You Think

But if you care what she thinks, listen to this lesbian, radical feminist, lawyer, and Fake Goth hold forth about Tumblr, putting gender identity above sex in the law, the distraction of public bathroom policies, Republican lesbians, “queer” as a reclaimed slur, the civil rights of trans people, why “ROGD moms are bad moms”, and how gender criticals are stupid, boring, annoying, too reactive, care too much about identities, and should shut the fuck up. Enhanced with more swears than usual, this singular episode offers something to alienate everyone!

Cathy “Bug” Brennan on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bugbrennan

2 thoughts on “Episode 64: Cathy Brennan Doesn’t Care What You Think

  1. I always thought the fake goth accusation was hilarious, because it reveals that the accuser believes in… goths with cred? Explains a lot, really.

  2. Goth or fake goth, it was great to hear Cathy Brennan this week! She always has good legal/political advice for those of us trying to advance the interests of women across this country.

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