Episode 68: Maud Maron, TERF for Congress

A defense lawyer and Democrat who knows what a woman is, Maud Maron is running for Congress in New York’s 10th District. She discusses Title 9, woke fragility, getting canceled by other Democrats, trans narratives pushed on teenagers, TERF Island, illiberalism on the Left, pronouns, Truscum fallacies, TERFs, men in women’s sports, TERFing, language, TERF, guns, TERFs, abortion, TERF, COVID, TERFs, and all things TERFy. Did we mention she’s a TERF? Nina almost regrets moving away from NYC’s West Village 10 years ago. Maron may be a little ahead of her time, but might (hopefully?) signal political changes to come.

Maud Maron for Congress: https://maudmaron.com/
Maud Maron on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MaudMaron

One thought on “Episode 68: Maud Maron, TERF for Congress

  1. Let’s go Maud Maron! The Democratic Party needs you whether they’re realize it or not!

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