Episode 69: Fediverse Follies with Alex Gleason

Where do you go when you get banned by fecebook and twitter – or, conversely, when you think mainstream social media isn’t censoring enough? To the Fediverse, where free-speech refugees and would-be Orwellian dictators form ever-more polarized online communities. Returning Heterodork Alex Gleason, who created the popular Soapbox platform, relates some recent behind-the-scenes Fedi drama. The same tribal politics skewing mainstream social media, guide Fedi developers as well – but with less money! This makes the Fediverse the worst social media system, except for all the others. (Which are so much worse you really should join the Fedi.)

Episode 8: Guest Heterodork Alex Gleason: https://www.heterodorx.com/podcast/episode-8-guest-heterodork-alex-gleason/

Pleroma Is Dead: https://blog.alexgleason.me/pleroma-is-dead/

The first and best woman-centered social media: spinster.xyz

Nina’s terrorist Fedi instance: neenster.org

Alex’s Fedi instance: gleasonator.com

Soapbox: https://soapbox.pub/

Join the Fediverse: https://jointhefedi.com/