Episode 75: Stephanie Winn is Some Kind of Therapist

Stephanie Winn is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, advocate for victims of gender medicine, and podcaster. She shares some tales of her grad school training, including a cultish “T-group” retreat, before moving on to trauma resilience, appropriate boundaries, and the savior complex of some clinicians. But first, we warn listeners to mask up, socially distance, and vaccinate their audio equipment, because Corinna has COVID! Between being oppressed by a TERFy co-host, exhausted by trans-everything, and contracting the plague, it’s no wonder Corinna needs advice. Can Winn deliver? Listen and find out!


Stephanie Winn’s podcast, blog, etc.: https://www.sometherapist.com/

Mental health for detransitioners twitter thread: https://twitter.com/sometherapist/status/1560735125326815233

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