Episode 31: Goin’ Tribal With Derrick Jensen

Derrick “Kid Kaboom” Jenson, author of 10,000 books translated into 2,000 languages, shares both untrue and true stories about the environmental movement, and why “Sustainable Development” is an oxymoron. After a short break for Derrick to get wild bears to stop banging on his windows, the Dorx discuss the heartbreak of witnessing the destruction of wild habitats and the suffering of nonhuman species. Later, they try to define religion, and debate whether “a language is a dialect with an army, a religion is a cult with a state.” The conversation is so much fun that Corinna, Nina, and Derrick form a little cult of their own!

Derrick Jensen’s website: https://derrickjensen.org/

Bright Green Lies: https://www.brightgreenlies.com/book

2 thoughts on “Episode 31: Goin’ Tribal With Derrick Jensen

  1. Thank you for the great convo and even a few laughs, which are so hard to come by these days. The polarization we are facing right now is overwhelming and unprecedented.

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