Episode 65: Gods, GITs, and Religion with Colette Colfer

Colette Colfer, lecturer in Religious Studies at SETU, discusses some religious aspects of Gender Identity Theory (GIT), including faith in the unprovable; hierarchical community; holy days, festivals, and symbols; heresy and blasphemy; and a a way to be born again. But there are also differences, notably the absence of God. Nina attempts to explain this with a theory of “distributed God”, while Corinna describes gender apostasy. Are we getting less religious? What is the difference between a religion and a cult? What is Reality? Hear answers, and more questions, in Colfer’s delightful Irish accent (and the Dorx’s unexceptional American ones).

Colette Colfer on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ColetteColfer

A New Religion: https://www.broadsheet.ie/2022/04/26/colette-colfer-a-new-religion/

2 thoughts on “Episode 65: Gods, GITs, and Religion with Colette Colfer

  1. Fascinating discussion! Listening to Colette’s insights on religion in relation to other ideologies and movements was enlightening (and not the bleak kind.) Interested to hear more about Nina’s thoughts on “how everything is real” because that also blew my mind when that was brought up.

    Corrina’s attempt at being a jerk was endearing, but the effort was appreciated

  2. Thank you so much for this. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Colette in person so I should declare the connection. This was a wonderful way to spend time while I was mindlessly weeding my garden. I sat down with my pre dinner gin and tonic and considered the futility of keeping the garden tidy in the face of the expansive universeand the nothing that exists beyond ourselves! There were some beautiful moments in this podcast. Corinna, Nina and Colette described the loss of friendships and scapegoating so frankly 8it was difficult to listen but necessary to hear. I will have to listen again because there was so much in the podcast. I’m off to read about Jung, the light and the dark and the book of revelations. And, like Colette, I was raised Catholic and although I would describe myself as an atheist is relation that particular God I still light candles in Churches. The next time I do I’ll think of the three of you. Xx

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