Episode 30: Return of the Fox

Returning guest Angus Fox calls our interview with Grace Lavery a “public service to Philosophy.” Nina offers a “forever home” for Corinna as a “pet trans,” keeping his food and water dishes filled and even letting him run off leash occasionally. Then the Dorx discuss testoterone, chemical castration, Alan Turing, male vs female detransitioners, socialization theory, and euphemisms like “hormone replacement,” “gender affirmation surgery,” and “trans kids.” Angus asserts a moral obligation to mock, and Corinna recalls being felt up by his first endocrinologist, whom he describes as “a cross between Dr. Ruth and Dr. Frankenstein.” Women are overrepresented in “trans medicine” surgery, compared to surgery as a whole; Nina wants to know why. All that and more in a mere hour and twenty-seven minutes!

Our Grace Lavery episode: https://www.heterodorx.com/podcast/episode-26-trano-a-trano-with-grace-lavery/

Christine Lavin – Sensitive New Age Guys: https://youtu.be/dnKK4ULoMB8

Angus Fox’s Quillette series on transing boys: https://quillette.com/author/angus-fox/
Genspect, a voice for parents with gender-questioning kids: https://genspect.org/
Contact Angus: angus@genspect.org

2 thoughts on “Episode 30: Return of the Fox

  1. Great conversation. So much curiosity and compassion coming through.

    1. Loved the discussion on make-up, clothes, and turtlenecks. With all the trending from the Met Gala in the last few days, I was finally moved to Tweet my opinion about grime and fashion (with photos).

    2. Very deep point about finding something for people (kids and adults) to do. My take:
    a. Kids — our educational systems are totally divorced from “living skills” (farming, cooking, problem-solving, building, composting, self-care, spiritual techniques, etc.), teaches “words” before “things”. Plus, no real initiations involving real physical struggle and tests of perception.

    b. Adults. I think adults in “democratic” (“self-governing”) cultures are deeply disappointed and frustrated at the lack of real input most of us have in the larger decisions that affect our lives. There’s no automatic “table” — council fire — where all adults meet to make day-to-day (weekly, monthly) decisions. And, as Native American scholar Barbara Alice Mann points out, the promise of our “popular sovereignty” is just another unfunded mandate. This is why I favor “universal basic income” for all voters–so we can participate on a regular basis in real power, in real life, in reality.

    Great show. Thanks.

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