Episode 24: Olympic Sarcasm

The Heterodorx co-horses are eager to compete in the Olympics, in either Equestrian Tennis or Sarcasm. Nina realizes if she identifies as a man, her bicycling performance will improve by 22% – it’s science! After an adorable interruption by Nina’s cat, Corinna shares some reader feedback and Nina disparages elective cosmetic surgery. Finally, a discussion about COVID, Long COVID, vaccine skepticism, preference falsification, and Voluntary Human Extinction end the podcast on a typically high note.

Nina’s cat Lola: https://youtu.be/t89bGOrWmew

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement: http://vhemt.org/

3 thoughts on “Episode 24: Olympic Sarcasm

  1. “There are some women who elect to have prophylactive vasectomies”?
    *Women*? Was that meant to be sarcastic?

  2. …oh, wait, despite repeat listening, it still sounded like “vasectomies” but I *think* Corinna may have said “mastectomies”. So never mind.

  3. I guess I’m more of a result-oriented pragmatist… so I don’t understand Nina’s insistence that human extinction should be voluntary, rather than involuntary. If she considers human extinction to be a good thing, why should it matter how we got there?

    Yes, billions of people would die (or not have children) when they otherwise wouldn’t have desired that outcome, but if human extinction is a desirable end-goal for humanity, what should it matter if it was voluntary or not… because undesired deaths and infertility for X number of people are inevitable regardless. In the case of extinction they must all occur within a short time frame, but the continuation of our species will eventually result in an even greater number of sudden deaths and infertility cases, given enough time.

    NOTE: I’m actually strongly opposed to human extinction (despite being into VHEMT as a teenager). Humans are one of the few known lenses through which the universe can view itself, and the universe is beautiful. Also, as far as I can tell, humans are one of the few species who seem to both be aware of being alive AND take great pleasure in it (on average)… thus it seems quite a waste to clear the field for a species that might not even properly appreciate it.

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