Episode 25: Homosexual Heterodorkery with Angus Fox

The Dorx welcome funny and charming writer Angus Fox, whose recent work focuses on the transing of boys. Because they both have described their younger selves as the type of boy likely to identify as trans today, Nina asks why Corinna transitioned and Angus did not. This begins a discussion of the influence of internet chatrooms and media, how masculine men exclude their effeminate brothers, and the role of girls in transing boys. Angus wonders how much misogynistic genderism is explained by the prevalence of porn, and how much is because boys are idiots. Nina goes out on a limb and claims men are human, while Corinna and Angus further alienate our feminist listeners by blaming women for “gender woo.” It’s a refreshing twist on the usual “kill all the men” sentiment, and as heterodorx as two homosexual men can be.

Angus Fox’s Quillette series on transing boys: https://quillette.com/author/angus-fox/
Genspect, a voice for parents with gender-questioning kids: https://genspect.org/
Contact Angus: angus@genspect.org

One thought on “Episode 25: Homosexual Heterodorkery with Angus Fox

  1. I just want to make a note: Angus talked about the case of a Canadian man who has a transgender child being jailed… I’m not sure if Angus specifically said he was jailed for misgendering the child or not (and I didn’t want to listen to the full episode again to find it), so forgive me if that’s not the case. However, I have heard this so many times and it is not true. He was jailed for not adhering to the publication ban about the case, which is very different. Publication bans in Canada are controversial, of course, and there are pros and cons to them. But in this case it was because the case was about a minor and therefore, if any interviews were given, the father was supposed to not give his or his child’s name. Here’s a link in case someone wants more details. https://bc.ctvnews.ca/b-c-dad-jailed-6-months-after-repeatedly-exposing-transgender-son-s-identity-despite-publication-ban-1.5390847

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