Episode 115: “Ask an Anti-Zionist” with Andy the Anti-Zionist

The Dorx discuss recent events with Nina’s ex-boyfriend, Andy the Anti-Zionist. A first-generation American son of a Palestinian Catholic father, Andy was mistreated on a visit to Israel at age 12 and has avowedly opposed the state ever since. We discuss the importance of history, the rise of anti-semitism, media biases, blame, “terrorists,” who is “the little guy,” what is a woman I mean Zionist, ethnic cleansing, whether Israel’s “intelligence failure” was calculated, “both sides,” utopianism, Queers for Palestine, and our dubious future. Despite our differences, this anti-Zionist, non-Zionist, and Zionist all agree: we’re fucked. Next year in Jerusalem!


Medinat Weimar (for a Jewish state in Germany): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVGeR4r5hbk&ab_channel=amhaaretz

Samantha Woll, Detroit rabbi stabbed: https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/detroit/2023/10/21/samantha-woll-dead-isaac-agree-downtown-detroit-synagogue-president/71271616007/

Illinois lawyer’s antisemitic rant: https://twitter.com/StopAntisemites/status/1715216523915071978

Anna Baltzer: http://www.annainthemiddleeast.com/

Illinois Muslim boy stabbed: https://apnews.com/article/muslim-boy-killed-chicago-landlord-will-county-5135dea218326d6e639a996564d9369e

AIPAC: https://www.aipac.org/

Seder-Masochism (Nina’s animated feature film about Jewish identity): https://sedermasochism.com/download/

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