Episode 114: The Wrong Sort of Everything with Bev Jackson

Longtime activist and author Bev Jackson is a founding member of the UK Gay Liberation Front and, more recently, co-founder of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Alliance (LGBA), one the the only organizations standing for homosexual (as opposed to “queer”) rights and the only UK charity supporting truly lesbian events. We discuss the corruption of Wikipedia, the astronomical increase of transing girls, the “born that way” narrative, zealous American politicians, outsourcing opinions, patience for the poorly-informed, boundaries vs inclusivity, pedophilia, Bad Law, medical scandals, and Tunnock’s Teacakes. Plus, Corrrrrri changes his name, and Nina writes a scathing Letter to the Editor. Who’s the queerest of them all? Listen and find out!


Bev on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BevJacksonAuth

Bev’s email: bev.jackson@lgballiance.org.uk

LGBA website: https://lgballiance.org.uk

Tribunal Transcript (Mermaids vs Charity Commission & LGBA): https://lgballiance.org.uk/tribunal-transcript/

LGBA conference: https://lgballiance.org.uk/tribunal-transcript/

John Boyne apologizes to Graham Linehan: https://twitter.com/JohnBoyneBooks/status/1698830513077694477