Episode 119: Esprit de Corpse

Corinna and Nina poke at the dead body of the Gender Critical Movement. Cause of death? Illiberalism, revulsion, femagoguery, the narcissism of small differences, group polarization, junior high social dynamics, Calvinism, puritanism, gaslighting, victimhood as currency, and so much more. Plus, Nina gets diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Where will the Dorx go from here? Wherever it is, we’ll walk you there, for your own safety.


Revulsion Revolution: The Protective Power of Disgust by Amy Sousa: https://www.theknownheretic.com/p/revulsion-revolution-the-protective

The Art Coop (rhymes with “poop”): https://www.news-gazette.com/opinion/columns/jim-dey-terf-battle-in-urbana-averted/article_cdf7ecd4-2e0d-5759-84b7-fbbe653de2a5.html 

Corinna pisses off everyone on Twitter: https://twitter.com/heterodorx/status/1732028270831440264

ICONS: https://www.iconswomen.com/

Sex Matters: https://sex-matters.org/

National Women’s Law Center president Fatima Goss Graves hopes women learn to lose gracefully: https://twitter.com/greg_price11/status/1732142697425572018

The Identity Trap by Yascha Mounk: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/712961/the-identity-trap-by-yascha-mounk/

Stella O’Malley and Kellie-Jay Keen on Benjamin Boyce: https://youtu.be/OqG2gYvXm9A?si=oCis3LDOgWepe-JN

JK Rowling says “dress however you please”: https://twitter.com/jk_rowling/status/1207646162813100033

3 thoughts on “Episode 119: Esprit de Corpse

  1. It’s frustrating to hear the pushback on men wearing clothing deemed to be exclusive for women. I have a 4 year old son who picked out a flower coat with a bow because he thought it was pretty. Should I have told him that boys can’t like flowers? Or bows? That that his choice in coat makes him disgusting? I certainly don’t read into his coat choice anything more than what he said: that he likes flower colors and that it has a bow. However as a thought experiment, what would this mean for butch lesbians, whose presentation could be described as signaling their sexual preferences?

    My understanding is that it was this type of rigid thinking around sex-based preferences and personality styles that made the gender ideology framework seem so necessary to accommodate individuals who did not conform to the expectations of their sex. Illiberal interventions will certainly have illiberal consequences, and likely in ways that harm women as well.

  2. Corinna,
    I was unable to find your reference to gaslighting and am wondering if you’re conflating two separate uses of the term. The 1930s British play and film reference is about purposefully messing with someone’s mind by twisting their perception of reality. That is the reference in popular use, right?
    First saw the two of you in Denver. You’re both treasures.

  3. Thanks for this. A rather sad conversation that reflects so much of how I feel about Gender Calumny in the final days of year of our lord 2023. I do understand the emotions some have expressed about the man in the blue dress, and early on I saw some good points made. But ultimately, I am also for liberalism and for actually celebrating gender non-conformity as valid and creative and a good thing. I want to be part of a society that is tolerant of many ways of being, even if tensions inevitably arise now and then. Though such a society seems so far out of reach, humans HAVE achieved this balance sometimes. I think Nina is right that this tearing apart of each other is just what women (TEND to, on a BELL curve etc) do. It’s hard to accept that truth for me. I relate to both of your choices to eschew the climbing and positioning. That was me in Jr. High too. I’ve stopped reading or listening to almost all these voices, as it just makes me feel bad and I don’t see solutions manifesting (with important exceptions). It’s enormously depressing because I’m convinced as much as I ever was when I “peaked” some years back about the real-world policy problems of gender ideology. I’ll just add that you are the one podcast i have listened to this month, and I have no interest in X. I think you are both great. This episode makes me value Nina’s incredible talents as a truly honest and original artist. It makes me value Corinna’s ahead-of everyone’s-curve talents as a thinker and kick ass activist. I appreciate you both so much and look forward to whatever else you share with the world. Love and light to you both, Elizabeth

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