Episode 117: Ladies’ Autogynephilia Chat with Shannon Thrace

Shannon Thrace is a transwidow and author of the must-read novel Eighteen Months: A Memoir of a Marriage Lost to Gender Identity. She joins handmaiden pick-me tranny-lover Nina for a women’s-only talk about AUTOGYNEPHILIA, the cause célèbre currently ripping apart the TERFosphere. Is this about safeguarding and holding women’s boundaries, or is it tribal signaling? Why is it OK for David Bowie to crossdress, but not Phil Illy? Should there be different crossdressing rules for men and women? Who gets to make those rules? Where do we draw our lines? Did Nina wade into a morass or a cesspool? These are questions without definitive answers, except one: Where is Corinna? Answer: at work today, so Nina recorded and edited this episode alone.


Shannon Thrace’s essay, Genspect and AGPgate: https://shannonthrace.substack.com/p/genspect-and-agpgate

Nina’s Art Coop “NO TERFS” sign complaint: https://www.news-gazette.com/opinion/columns/jim-dey-terf-battle-in-urbana-averted/article_cdf7ecd4-2e0d-5759-84b7-fbbe653de2a5.html

Genspect Denver conference: https://genspect.org/the-bigger-picture-continues-denver-colorado/

Phil Illy: https://substack.com/profile/109324793-phil-illy

This Jungian Life: Aaron Balick – Why Does Social Media Weaponize Our Reactions? https://thisjungianlife.com/aaron_balick/

Laura Becker/Funk God: https://www.funkgod.com/

2 thoughts on “Episode 117: Ladies’ Autogynephilia Chat with Shannon Thrace

  1. Nina, don’t let this pile-on deter you from speaking and thinking in reasonable terms. Less heat and more thought is what’s needed. The last thing we need is to be devouring each other and having it distract us from the important issues. Thanks to you both for this conversation.

  2. Isn’t an “interview” a series of questions asked by a host of a guest? I was very interested in learning more about Shannon Trace and her experience as a trans widow, but this episode seemed like more of a monologue/commentary by the host. Virtually no questions were asked for Shannon to answer, although she interjected at times. Strange.

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