Episode 72: Auntie Kate, Uncle Nina, and Mx Cohn – with Kate Bornstein

Author and gender theorist Kate Bornstein identifies as a “tranny” and “dyke,” and is male according to Nina, whom Bornstein identifies as a “sex fundamentalist” and “butch lesbian.” We disagree in better-than-good, possibly-excellent faith, about pronouns, respect, sex, gender, and atheism, while agreeing about keeping males out of female prisons, the trap of identity, and how to behave in church. A fun conversation with plenty for listeners to disagree with, too!
Anne Fausto-Sterling, Sexologist: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Fausto-Sterling
A response to Anne-Fausto-Sterling (among many): https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12476264/

Episode 71: Adult Human Weirdos

Corinna and Nina spontaneously sing the Heterodorx jingle, hoping British listeners will not hear “ducks” in “heterodox.” There’s plenty of exciting news from TERF Island, but nothing tops the American story of a transsexual podcaster pursuing Dave Chappelle in his hometown of Yellow Springs, Ohio. Nina pitches a commercially viable rom-com, Corinna fishes for a live show invitation, and both recall an unusually festive event from 2019. Did we mention the new Heterodorx T-shirt? Yes, we did, including the touching story of its origin.

Episode 70: Virtual Late-Night Dorm Room with Lev Polyakov

Russian-American animator Lev Polyakov hosts and produces the Break The Rules podcast, which brings together extremely diverse viewpoints from the online testosteronosphere. A thoughtful, well-spoken, and generous conversationalist, Lev can talk to anyone – even the Dorx. After discussing such serious topics as the war in Ukraine, America’s military-industrial-propaganda complex, and “counter-semitism,” Lev moves on to the Estrogen experience (Corinna’s and Nina’s differ greatly), alchemy, waking dreams, trippy psychedelic meditation stuff, his vibrating Third Eye, generating 3-D movies inside his head, Torah, and the New York animation scene of 2004. Break the rules and pass the bong*!

*None of us actually use weed, as far as I know.


Break the Rules: breaktherules.tv, patreon.com/breaktherules, twitter.com/breakth3rules

Led Zepplin – Black Dog: https://youtu.be/fl6s1x9j4QQ

Seder-Masochism: https://sedermasochism.com/download/

Exodus 33: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Exodus%2033%3A17-23&version=KJV

Newgrounds: https://www.newgrounds.com/

Episode 69: Fediverse Follies with Alex Gleason

Where do you go when you get banned by fecebook and twitter – or, conversely, when you think mainstream social media isn’t censoring enough? To the Fediverse, where free-speech refugees and would-be Orwellian dictators form ever-more polarized online communities. Returning Heterodork Alex Gleason, who created the popular Soapbox platform, relates some recent behind-the-scenes Fedi drama. The same tribal politics skewing mainstream social media, guide Fedi developers as well – but with less money! This makes the Fediverse the worst social media system, except for all the others. (Which are so much worse you really should join the Fedi.)

Episode 8: Guest Heterodork Alex Gleason: https://www.heterodorx.com/podcast/episode-8-guest-heterodork-alex-gleason/

Pleroma Is Dead: https://blog.alexgleason.me/pleroma-is-dead/

The first and best woman-centered social media: spinster.xyz

Nina’s terrorist Fedi instance: neenster.org

Alex’s Fedi instance: gleasonator.com

Soapbox: https://soapbox.pub/

Join the Fediverse: https://jointhefedi.com/

Episode 68: Maud Maron, TERF for Congress

A defense lawyer and Democrat who knows what a woman is, Maud Maron is running for Congress in New York’s 10th District. She discusses Title 9, woke fragility, getting canceled by other Democrats, trans narratives pushed on teenagers, TERF Island, illiberalism on the Left, pronouns, Truscum fallacies, TERFs, men in women’s sports, TERFing, language, TERF, guns, TERFs, abortion, TERF, COVID, TERFs, and all things TERFy. Did we mention she’s a TERF? Nina almost regrets moving away from NYC’s West Village 10 years ago. Maron may be a little ahead of her time, but might (hopefully?) signal political changes to come.

Maud Maron for Congress: https://maudmaron.com/
Maud Maron on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MaudMaron