Episode 92: The View from Canada with Stuart Parker

Canada, which National Lampoon once called “The Retarded Giant on Your Doorstep,” is just as affectionately known today as “Tranada.” It’s also the home of lifelong leftist, environmentalist, activist, prolific writer, and shape-shifting space lizard Stuart Parker. A former child-star-activist à la Greta Thunberg, Parker tells all about Canadian eugenics programs, Wallace Wong, “supportive housing”, the post-political era, Big Pharma, liberal nationalism, multi-culturalism, TERF blacklists, Morgane Oger, the role of mascot enforcer, total social immunity, getting canceled, and more. The Dorx are frequently shocked, and not just because Parker’s sarcasm surpasses Corinna’s.


Stuart Parker on Twitter: https://twitter.com/stuartlosaltos

Parker’s website: http://stuartparker.ca/

Los Altos Institute: https://www.losaltos.ca/