Episode 77: Gimme That Old-Time Transsexualism with Buck Angel

Parent, pornographer, and kinky icon Buck “Tranpa” Angel joins the Dorx for some good old-time tranny talk with Corinna, plus some new-time TERF talk and female bonding with Nina (both have had hysterectomies). We discuss Instagram censoring Buck’s recent interview with a young survivor of medical interventions; PayPal penalizing wrongspeak; porn, finance, and the law; Teletubbies; detransitioners; orgasms; misogyny; cowardice; the importance of not transing children; and whether Nina gives off a “butch lesbian vibe.” Nina mis-sexes Buck twice, and Corinna reveals more about “trans-affirming health care” causing sexual disability. We laugh, we cry (inside), and we take everything less seriously than the “queer activists” of today.


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