Episode 51: Potty Mouths

While some Radical Feminists consider bathrooms (aka toilets) a distraction from more salient and enforceable realms of prisons, shelters, sports, and therapeutic settings, for others they represent the front lines of women’s boundaries in public space. Nina and Corinna have an honest, long-postponed, and undoubtedly controversial discussion about the reality of who uses which toilets, when, and why. But first, they discuss how the TERF-Tranny Alliance is accelerating the Apocalypse, the history of the term “gender critical,” and the difference between “pet trans” and actual pets. This episode is sure to piss off just about everyone!
Genspect Detransition webinar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnvZvqwIR7o
Does Sex Matter? 2019 panel discussion at the Urbana Free Library, featuring Corinna Cohn, Carey Callahan, and Nina Paley. Talk: https://youtu.be/RguD61siLB8
Q & A: https://vimeo.com/326585294

3 thoughts on “Episode 51: Potty Mouths

  1. Thanks for this episode. I appreciate that you took some time to explain what TTA is all about. It validated my gut sense, but I needed a little more straightforward messaging to confirm a personal decision I made about one of my blogs, a blog on “reality” in which I and recommended TTA as a space for compassion & conversation in a postscript.

    The decision involved an offer by a larger platform to post my blog—but only if I would remove the postscript about TTA. I declined to remove it, but gave permission to add an editorial comment distancing the platform from TTA.That was not acceptable, but we went back and forth over 24 hours in an honest, detailed conversation. The only counter-offer was for me to write a totally new blog on the ideological reality approved of by the platform, but without mentioning TTA. But I’d already averred that TTA was part of my reality on this issue. Plus, since we’d already agreed that no money was involved, I didn’t see how the greater cause would benefit from (a) a new but half-assed blog, and (b) me doing double work for no money.

    The good news is that I got to experience “ideological totalism” firsthand, for the umpteenth time in my 71 years but for the first time on this issue, directly and in depth. In other words, I made the right decision. The dynamics are a little clearer. Thanks again for this episode.

  2. The splintering of leftist movements is quite a thing to witness. I found radical feminism after having a uterine cancer scare about 6 or 7 years ago. I was searching for information and trying to find support online and to make a very long story short I was accused of being transphobic because I was using exclusive language (while relaying my very personal situation with endometrial issues). When I think back on it now it’s a little unbelievable that it happened. In any case, I somehow found the gender critical group on reddit and then radical feminism and my whole world sorta turned upside down. I had never found a feminism that made sense to me until then. Watching how “gender critical” became a feminism, and seeing both that group and the radical feminist group and all the purity testing and infighting has been a wild ride. The battling is disgusting and I’ve seen so many really good people be placed upon a pyre – multiple times in many cases, as you have spoken of in this episode. It’s amazing that anyone is actually left to fight the fight. I’m sorry there’s been such a personal battle against both of you. Thanks to both of you for hanging on and moving through it.

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